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  • 995

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Problem Statements


Participants would present an innovative business idea, integrating the use of digital capabilities from Dell Technologies, and craft their response to one of the problem statements.

Community Resilience

1. How might we leverage technology to make emergency preparedness more inclusive and accessible in order to better serve a diverse population during an emergency situation?



Emergency Medical Services 

2. How might we leverage technology to reduce the cognitive workload of paramedics so that they can focus on providing quality pre-hospital medical care and service to patients?


Judging Criteria





Problem Definition and Analysis


  • Ability to define the problem and key issues of the problem statement through identifying the key trends.
  • Ability to build on these key trends with strong substantiation.

Strategies and Recommendations


  • Outline strategies and recommendations for the problem statement with good justification and feasibility.
  • Completeness and clarity of proposed development plan and deliverables.

Solution Evaluation


  • Clear and concise demonstration of a functional prototype or proof-of-concept
  • Technical feasibility and economic viability of the solution design in the real world

  • Appropriate use of technology



  • Uniqueness and novelty of proposed solution, while exhibiting practicality.


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