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  • 995

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Home Fire Alarm Device (HFAD)

Home Fire Alarm Device

What is HFAD?

A HFAD is an automatic smoke or heat detector which provides early warning of a fire by sounding an alarm to alert the occupants. A smoke detector is more effective in providing early warning of fire compared to a heat detector. It is therefore recommended for the primary protection of homes.


The installation of HFAD(s) is mandatory for new residential premises, as well as existing residential premises carrying out fire safety works[1], with plans submitted by Qualified Persons to SCDF (or to any other government agencies e.g. BCA, HDB) on or after 1 June 2018.


It is not mandatory to install the HFAD(s) for existing residential premises not carrying out fire safety works. Nonetheless, existing homeowners are strongly encouraged to install HFAD(s) for their own safety.

SCDF recommends the use of HFADs that operate on a built-in battery that has a 10-year life span. Based on market rates, such HFADs cost around $50 to $80 each, excluding installation costs.


HFADs powered by dry-cell batteries may cost less at around $40 or less. However these batteries are not long-lasting and may need to be replaced frequently.


Do note that prices may vary among different retailers, and are dependent on the features that come with each device.


To find out more about the HFAD, please download the attachments below:


HFAD Assistance Scheme

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) announced in November 2017 that SCDF, HDB and PA were working together to provide free installation of HFADs for all 60,000 HDB Public Rental flats. This initiative is known as the HFAD Assistance Scheme.


The installation will commence in June 2018 and will be carried out in phases, starting with housing estates with a higher number of rental households with elderly residents.


Eligible residents will be notified by a letter. Upon receiving the letter, they can follow the instructions on the letter to register for an installation date. Installers will contact the resident nearer the installation date.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on HFAD Assistance (PDF , 1.05 MB)

HFAD installers for HFAD Assistance Scheme

  •  Firetronics Pte Ltd

(For installation of basic HFAD)

Address: 14 Woodlands Walk, Singapore 738394

Contact Number: 6484 1201


  • Federal Fire Engineering Pte Ltd

(For installation of HFAD for the Deaf)

Address: 12 Chin Bee Drive, Singapore 619868

Contact Number: 6862 5180


[1] Fire safety works are addition and alteration (A/A) works such as installation/re-location of fire doors, installation of roof over open balconies, and works involving walls that separate the residential premises from common areas, etc. If homeowners/residents are unsure of whether their proposed A/A works are considered fire safety works, they can contact SCDF at 1800 286 5555 for more information.