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  • 995

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Welfare & Benefits


NSF Education Upgrading Opportunities

The e-PREP Scheme was introduced to help NSFs transit from full-time NS to further studies or joining the workforce by providing them with subsidised online prepatory and refresher courses. The NSFs will become eligible for the e-PREP Scheme in their last 12 months of service.

For more information about e-PREP, the courses available and application procedure, please visit the e-PREP website at or call the e-PREP 24-hour hotline at 1800-367-6767.

Medical Treatment Service

During office hours, if a NSF is ill or injured, he should consult the SCDF Medical Officer (MO). The medical treatment at the Medical Centres will be fully subsidised.


If a NSF falls sick or is injured after office hours (while in the Training Camp), he will inform his officer-in-charge, who will refer him to the Medic on duty to get immediate medical attention.


Medical Subsidies

If the NSF falls sick or injured outside SCDF units after office hour, he may obtain the medical treatment in any government / restructured hospital, government clinic or outpatient dispensary. Selected medical charges for such cases will be subsidised. Such medical benefits are also extended to the dependants of the NSF. Below are the general guidelines for the medical benefits:


Outpatient CareEntitlement

Outpatient Dispensary

Full subsidy

Specialist Outpatient Clinic at Government Hospital

Full subsidy except for the first consultation fee

Private clinics

Maximum reimbursement of $10/- per day, subject to a maximum of $240/- per year

Outpatient Dental

85% reimbursement up to a maximum of $120 per year


In-patient CareEntitlement

Ward and meal fees

Subsidy of 80% for servicemen and 50% for dependants

Treatment fees

Full subsidy


Class B1 or B2 (OCT & LTA)
Class B2 (CPL & above)
Class C (PTE and LCP)

Should a NSF sustain any injuries during the course of duties; the medical expenses/sustenance will be determined and compensated.

Counselling & Crisis Support Services

Serving the nation as part of the SCDF can be a meaningful and rewarding journey, but it can also be challenging due to the nature of training and operations. For NSFs who may be in need of help due to personal or work-related stressors, counselling and crisis support services are readily available through the Emergency Behavioural Sciences & CARE Unit (EBSC) and its Peer Supporter networks.

Support services provided by EBSC include:

  • Orientation and resilience talks for recruits and trainees
  • Psycho-education group work for recruits in the Civil Defence Academy
  • Emotional support from unit Paracounsellors and NSF Peer Supporters
  • 1-1 counselling support services
  • 24/7 SCDF counselling helpline
  • Crisis support services for NSFs in frontline vocations

NSFs can also approach their workplace supervisors to highlight any issues or concerns that are affecting their well-being. They should seek help from the Medical Officer directly if the problem is of a medical nature or involves risk to personal safety, as that would require immediate attention.

Compensation & Insurance

Accidents can occur to anyone at any time. In order to provide financial security for the Civil Defence Personnel and their families to cushion unfortunate and unforeseen incidents, the SCDF Group Insurance Scheme provides high coverage at a low premium. The insurance covers cases of death and total disablement. All NSF are being covered in this scheme. Please refer to the unit Personnel Officer for more details on the benefits of this insurance scheme

Recreational Facilities

Sports facilities which include football fields, basketball courts, squash courts and gymnasium are among the wide range of recreational facilities available for use after training and duties. Inter-unit matches are regularly organised to build team spirit and promote good sportsmanship. NSF are encouraged to use these facilities during their free time.

Home Team National Servicemen (HomeTeamNS)

All SCDF NSF are eligible for HomeTeamNS membership upon their enlistment at a concession rate. NSF can enjoy facilities and privileges at the 4 clubhouses located islandwide at Bukit Batok, Balestier, Sembawang and Smith Street.

Financial Assistance Scheme

The aim of the Financial Assistance Scheme for needy fulltime NSF is to alleviate the financial hardship of NSF who are enlisted into the SCDF to serve their national service. It is hoped that with their financial problems taken care of, the NSF will be able to perform well in their units.


The Financial Assistance Scheme operates on a loan or grant; or loan and grant basis. Any NSF who is in need of financial assistance can submit his application together with the necessary supporting documents through his Unit to the Manpower Department.

Corporate Membership

Through the Force subscription as corporate member of selected local attractions, SCDF NSF can apply for free visits to the following places of interest such as the following:

  • Jurong Bird Park
  • River Safari
  • Sentosa
  • Singapore Discovery Centre
  • Singapore Science Centre
  • Singapore Zoological Garden
  • Wild Wild Wet
  • Alive Museum
  • ExplorerKid
  • Singapore Flyer
  • Night Safari

Travel Concession

NSF EZ Link Card

A personalised NSF EZ Link Card is issued to the NSF to enable concessionary travel on board buses of both the Singapore Bus Services (SBS) and the Trans-Island Bus Services (TIBS) and on board trains of both the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) and Singapore Bus Service Transit Limited (SBS).


Bus and MRT Concession

NSF can present their NSF EZ Link Card at any TransitLink Ticket office for it to be encoded with a monthly Bus Concession Pass (BCP) for $52, Train Concession Pass (TCP) for $45 and Hybrid Concession Pass for $85 (HCP). The BCP is valid for unlimited travel on all aircon and non-aircon buses except for Express, Jurong Island and Night services. Whereas the TCP is valid for 4 rides per day on SMRT/ SBS trains. For HCP it will be a combination of both.

The NSF is responsible for the cost of the monthly encoding, cost of replacing lost EZ Link Card and to validate their EZ Link Card on board buses of both bus services when they travel on their buses.