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  • 995

    Fire Engine / Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance

Security & Discipline


National Service Offences

Where minor offences are concerned, informal punishment such as verbal reprimands or extra duties may be given to servicemen. Other minor punishments such as extra training sessions may be given for those with poor performance during training.


For serious offences, offenders are tried by the courts or given summary trials by appointed disciplinary officers. Punishment may be in the form of a restriction of privileges, monetary fines or detention.


Absence Without Official Leave (AWOL)

The act of AWOL is considered a very serious offence. If an NSF goes AWOL, the time spent during AWOL and detention is not counted towards National Service.


Drug and inhalant Abuse

These are serious breaches of discipline as both of them cause great damage to the physical and mental state of the body.


Surprise urine tests are conducted frequently in all units and offenders have no chance of escaping detection. These offences are dealt with strictly and those caught are severely punished.


It is strongly advised for those who have been sniffing glue or taking drugs, to seek early help from their Instructors or Medical Officers before they are caught. They will be given proper medical treatment. They will not be punished for seeking help.


Drugs, Alcohol And Cigarettes

NSF are forbidden to bring or consume any of the above items within the compound of SCDF. Anyone caught possessing any of these restricted / controlled items is considered to have committed a serious breach of Regimental Discipline. Offenders will face disciplinary action.


Seeking Redress

A serviceman who believes that he has been victimised or unjustly treated, can make a complaint either to his Platoon Commander, Company Commander or supervisor.


The SCDF Provost Unit also monitors and investigates any breach of Regulations / Standing Orders. If complaints are proven to be valid, SCDF will take necessary action against the offender(s).