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  • 995

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What the role is


The Work-Study Diploma (“WSDip”) program by SCDF offers an excellent option for individuals navigating the post-ITE graduation phase, providing a blend of academic pursuit and practical work experience, thus offering the benefits of both realms. It enables them to advance their studies without financial worries and receive a monthly salary.

Those holding NITEC or Higher NITEC qualifications and eager to join the Lifesaving Force upon graduation may find enrolling in a WSDip program appealing. This pathway allows them to simultaneously work, earn a salary, and pursue a diploma. 

Upon joining SCDF, graduates can anticipate securing stable full-time employment with an enticing remuneration package. This package includes a potential base monthly salary of approximately S$2,200, supplemented by additional allowances, and bonuses.

Moreover, newly recruited trainees will receive a sign-on bonus totalling $30,000. This sum will be disbursed in two instalments: $12,000 upon signing the contract and $18,000 upon confirmation after successfully completing a one-year probationary period. 

As a full-time employee at SCDF, trainees can reap the following benefits:

  • Annual Increments
  • Performance bonuses
  • 14 to 21-days’ vacation leave
  • Medical and Dental Subsidies
  • Employee Welfare benefits
  • Group insurance
  • Obtain a Fire Safety Manager Certification
  • Obtain an Emergency Medical Technician Certification
  • Obtain Class 3, 4 and/or 5 Driving Licenses

Upon completing the WSDip, trainees will continue to progress in the SCDF with more exciting career opportunities, as they are deployed to specialised roles with higher rank(s). 




 What you will be going through

Trainees under the course will join SCDF and become fire and rescue specialists tasked with safeguarding lives and property in various emergency situations. As part of their duties, they will utilise their training to respond to fires, medical emergencies, and other rescue missions. Responsibilities include deploying firefighting techniques, conducting rescue operations, and providing medical assistance to those in need.

The hands-on training will comprise 80% of the course, allowing trainees to gain practical experience in real-world scenarios. The remaining 20% will consist of off-the-job training on campus, providing theoretical knowledge and enhancing skill development. Joining SCDF offers not only the opportunity to serve the community but also the chance to make a significant impact by safeguarding lives and property during emergencies.

As a WSDip Programme trainee, you can expect a comprehensive career pathway that includes the Fire and Rescue Section Commander course and Emergency Medical Technical training. After completing the relevant training, trainees will undergo the 2.5-year WSDip Programme while being stationed at a Fire Station. For more information on your career journey, please visit SCDF Fire and Rescue Specialist.



What you are looking for

The WSDip program is a workplace training initiative available individual who are ITE graduates.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Male applicants must be PES A or B;
  • Minimum pass standard for IPPT;
  • For Pre-enlistees, there will be a 5 years minimum-term-of-engagement (MTE) bond in lieu of the National Service’s obligation.

Possession of any NITEC Certification with a minimum GPA score of 2.0; or any Higher NITEC Certification.