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Emergency Response Plan



What is the rationale to convert existing Fire Emergency Plan (FEP) to the Emergency Response Plan (ERP)?


The Fire Emergency Plan (FEP) is a plan that contains information on the types of fire safety measures that are provided in designated premises and includes floor layout plans and fire evacuation procedures. Previously, all public buildings are required to formulate a FEP for their building.


The ERP on the other hand is a more comprehensive plan that integrates all the plans (FEP, IPP and APP). The inclusion of other fire-related emergencies like CBRE attacks is dependent on the risk level of their premises. Essentially, the ERP will outline response proccedures to all the different types of fire and fire-related incidents (inclusive of mass casualty incident) in the building and stipulate the relevant actions to be taken to protect and evacuate people in the building under different emergency scenarios.


Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Template with Guidelines (DOCX, 1.4MB)


Premises requiring an ERP

1. Public building

Public building having an occupant load of more than 200 persons in which a Fire Certificate is issued. Example, office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, place of public resort, etc.


2. Industrial premises

Industrial premises which require a FSM and satisfy any of these criteria:

  • Floor area or site area of at least 5,000 square metres
  • Occupant load of at least 1,000 persons


3. Petroleum and Flammable Materials (P&FM) Licensee

Any P&FM storage licensed premises shall prepare and keep up to date an Emergency Response Plan in accordance with such guidelines as may be issued by SCDF and submitted to HazMat Department as part of license application.


Table-Top Exercise (TTE)

Table-Top Exercise (TTE) is a scenario driven exercise for the participants to derive solutions to likely scenarios of emergencies in the building.


Premises requiring a TTE

Any premises requiring Fire Safety Manager will be required to conduct TTE.


Duties of owners or occupiers


  • To prepare the ERP within 6 months from the commencement of the Fire Safety Amendment Act
  • To prepare the ERP in accordance with the guidelines issued by SCDF
  • To form a Fire Safety Committee to plan and conduct fire safety programmes including fire evacuation drills and table-top exercises
  • To review and update the ERP annually


Conducting of evacuation drills and table-top exercises

A minimum of 2 evacuation drills and 2 table-top exercises are required to be conducted annually. However, for those premises which do not require the appointment of a FSM, at least 1 evacuation drill must be conducted annually.


Guidelines on Evacuation Planning, Table-Top Exercise and Arson Prevention Plan

For further enquiries on Emergency Response Plan (ERP), please contact WO Sofian / WO Jumilah at 68483562 / 68483259. All the files are in PDF format.


ERP - Charts and Record Sheets, etc