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School Programmes


It is important for students to learn about civil defence skills and SCDF operational procedures in order to increase their awareness of Civil Defence in Singapore. The Civil Defence component is incorporated in various formal/informal school programmes for students at all levels.


Social Studies Syllabus

SCDF and Ministry of Education (MOE) have incorporated Civil Defence concept as part of the Social Studies syllabus for the Primary 1 and 3 as well as Secondary 2 Normal (Technical) and Secondary 3 textbooks. Topics covered are basic school fire drill procedures, EP Day exercises, Ops Lionheart overseas deployments and how they improve our foreign ties, and the importance of Civil Defence as part of Total Defence.


National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC)

In 2005, SCDF took the significant step of introducing a new uniformed group to the Secondary Schools, the National Civil Defence Cadet Corps. This enables the SCDF to propagate the importance of emergency preparedness amongst young Singaporeans. The NCDCC was piloted in 12 schools with the aim of equipping the cadets with essential CD Skills, confidence, discipline, teamwork and loyalty to the nation. Until now, the NCDCC has been established in more than 30 schools and recruitment is still on-going.


Visit our NCDCC microsite to learn more.


Fire Emergency Plan

The operations manager of the school is usually the one who should conduct the fire evacuation drill. A Fire Emergency Plan for school is used as a guide for the conduct of the drill. To draw up the plan, reference can be made to the Fire Emergency Plan template in the link below.


Fire Emergency Plan (Word, 1.39 MB )


Learning Journeys

In this programme, spearheaded by Ministry of Education (MOE), educational visits for primary/secondary/JC students are organised to visit national institutions and public installations, which are considered to be important markers of our nation's progress.


Learning Journeys aim to instil in our students, pride in Singapore's achievements, to help them understand our country's limitations, build their confidence in building a better future for Singapore and nurture a sense of belonging to our country.


Learning Journey

All students are welcome to visit the 18 fire stations and the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery.


The visits to the fire stations are designed to promote the students' awareness of the many different roles of SCDF. More importantly, students will understand that a sophisticated Civil Defence system, manned by personnel on round-the-clock standby, has been set up to cater for any emergency. It is one aspect of Singapore the students are unlikely to know, and the visit will help to engender pride in the nation.


The visit to the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery located at the Central Fire Station will enable the students to learn about Singapore Civil Defence Force's (SCDF) history as well as increase their awareness of Civil Defence. There are interactive stations which invite the students to experience what firefighters and rescuers undergo in an operation. The gallery"s public education corner will provide you and your family with the necessary information on how to handle emergencies. Besides a rich history, SCDF in her modern days is also showcased at the gallery.


Teachers book a visit to the fire station and/or the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery via the Visit SCDF Establishments page.


CD Lionhearter Club

The CD Lionhearter Club, provides an avenue for tertiary students to be engaged in civil defence, emergency preparedness and humanitarian missions.


The Responders Plus Programme (RPP) is offered to the CD Lionhearters to equip them with the necessary skills to provide first level response to incidents within the campus grounds. They will also be given the opportunity to be involved in Emergency Preparedness Days and other community involvement programmes held at the heartlands.


On the international front, students can be deployed overseas as part of Non-Governmental Organisations, such as the Mercy Relief, to undertake humanitarian projects and assist the host countries in construction development projects such as repair works for damaged schools and drainage systems. To prepare them for their overseas deployment, they will be taught the different cultural sensitivities and traditions of different countries. They will also be trained in the Community Engagement Programme to help them in their role as mediators should incidents involving communal tensions arise on campus grounds.


The scheme was pioneered in Singapore Polytechnic and launched on 27 Oct 2009. Invitation to set up the CD Lionhearter Club is extended to all post-secondary and tertiary institutions, which includes ITEs, Polytechnics and Universities.


Below is the list of overseas missions that the CD Lionhearters have undertaken so far.

The CD Lionhearter's maiden mission - Indonesia (Padang)

On 30 September 2009, a massive earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck West Sumatra province of Padang, Indonesia. The earthquake caused the collapse of thousands of buildings and a heavy downpour which caused massive landslides within the Padang and Pariaman districts.


Six SP-CD Lionhearters embarked on their maiden humanitarian mission to earthquake-hit city of Padang in Indonesia to assist Mercy Relief in the distribution of relief aids such as food, water and medical supplies to the earthquake victims. Temporary tentages were also set up for a collapsed school building.


ITE - College East CD Lionhearters Overseas Humanitarian Rebuilding Project

From 7 – 16December last year, 20 members from the ITE- CD Lionhearters Club (College East Chapter), together with four club advisors and five SCDF volunteers, went on a Overseas Humanitarian Rebuilding Project with Mercy Relief to Mount Merapi , Magelang, Java, Indonesia.  


ITE CD Lionheart 1


Together with the five SCDF Volunteers, the CD Lionhearters and their Club Advisors imparted important emergency preparedness skills namely fire fighting and first-aid to more than 150 villagers and 50 school children. Tan Huisi, one of the CD Lionhearters expressed her joy at being able to contribute useful emergency preparedness skills on this mission trip. She stated, “I am so happy that the skills I have learned in school and in SCDF can be so useful to them. I really feel good when the kids and villagers can correctly demonstrate the fire fighting skills that I’ve shared with them”. The village head and Principals of these schools had highlighted that the programmes conducted by the CD Lionhearters were well received. 


ITE CD Lionheart 2


CD Lionhearters Imparting First Aid Skills To The Villagers and School Children


ITE CD Lionheart 3
ITE CD Lionheart 4


CD Lionhearters Imparting Fire Fighting Skills To The Villagers and School Children


ITE CD Lionheart 6


Practical Fire Extinguisher Training Session conducted by the CD Lionhearters


ITE CD Lionheart 5



ITE CD Lionheart 7


The CD Lionhearters were also given the opportunity to facilitate and assist in a village-wide Disaster Preparedness Evacuation Drill for the local villagers. Through such evacuation drills, important knowledge is imparted which can help local villagers be familiarised with proper evacuation procedure in times of crisis (such as volcano eruptions). This will enable more lives to be saved.


ITE CD Lionheart 8


CD Lionhearters facilitating and assisting in the Disaster Preparedness Evacuation Drill


Other than the impartation of knowledge and skills, the CD Lionhearters and their lecturers also contributed to the local community by helping in the construction of the local evacuation route where they helped to lay the cement and foundation. They also assisted in a chilli planting project with the local farmers.


ITE CD Lionheart 9


Local Community Projects – Construction of Evacuation Route


Of the twenty Lionhearters who embarked on this meaningful trip, eight amongst them were nursing students and their skills were put to good use during this trip. Together with their lecturer Ms Lo, these eight nursing students were given the opportunity to be attached to the local polyclinic to assist and observe the doctor and nurses in the daily medical operations and consultations. Afifah Bte Royan, one of the nursing students who went on this trip said, “the scale of the evacuation exercise is big. I like the part where I work with the local nurses in the ambulance to evacuate the casualties to the designated evacuation camp.”


ITE CD Lionheart 10


Site Visits To Ground Zero – Villages and rivers damaged by cold larva


ITE CD Lionheart 11


Lastly, the Lionhearters had the opportunity of visiting ground zero where they witnessed the devastating after effects caused by the eruption of Mt Merapi in 2010. It was an eye-opener for them and such site visits would aid in helping them to better appreciate the humanitarian work that they were contributing to the local villagers.  It also serves to inculcate National Education values in this group of Lionhearters, allowing them to reflect on their life in Singapore, which is devoid of natural disasters and to help them appreciate their homeland better.


Through daily debriefings and self reflections, this group of CD Lionhearters had indicated that they had benefitted and gained useful insights and experiences from this Overseas Humanitarian Rebuilding Project. As put across by one of the club advisors, Mr Boo Wei Ping, “our students have learned a lot from this project, from appreciating the life and culture of the people at the foot of Mount Merapi, to understanding the different roles of volunteers in a humanitarian mission. They were very impressed by the enthusiasm of the villagers in learning the various life saving skills and also the high awareness of the people in term of emergency preparedness.” It was indeed a fruitful and insightful ten days which was well spent for a worthy cause.

School Programmes