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    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

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  • 995

    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance


The Singapore-Global Firefighters & Paramedics Challenge (SGFPC) is a signature event organised by SCDF where firefighters, rescuers and paramedics from around the globe and Singapore gather to compete in various gruelling and highly demanding scenarios-based challenges. The event also includes the Public Challenge where SCDF’s partners are invited to participate. 


The Lifesavers' Connect (LSC) is organized concurrently with SGFPC. It is a public exhibition for community engagement by SCDF. Visitors can expect exciting activities, engaging exhibition booths and exclusive souvenirs at the exhibition.

About the logo


The SGFPC logo is composed of the images of a firefighter and a paramedic protectively overlooking the globe. The two figures signify the twin pillars of emergency response and their common life-saving mission anywhere in the world, while the colours reflect the passion (red) and dedication (blue) of these everyday heroes who lead extraordinary lives in a noble and sacrificial calling. The interlocking red and blue tiles in the globe represent the strong bonds of professional and personal friendships that the SCDF shares with the international fraternity of emergency responders.

Find out more...

  • about the team challenges in SGFPC;
  • about the activities to do & the exhibitions showcased in LSC;
  • about the International Elite Rescuers' Exchange (IERE) Workshop;
  • about the special publication issued in conjunction with SGFPC.


Last Updated: 04 December 2018

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