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  • 995

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Save-A-Life (SAL) Initiative


To enhance community first response to cardiac arrest cases in the residential heartlands, the SCDF, in collaboration with Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore Heart Foundation and the People’s Association, introduced the Save-A-Life (SAL) Initiative in 2015.


Learn CPR and AED procedures

Every second matters as chances of survival drops by 7-10% every minute.

Bystander CPR is shown to increase survival rate by 2.2 times.

Do your part, Save-a-Life


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The SAL Initiative entails three components namely:

  1. Hardware
  2. Heartware and; 
  3. Software.


Cardiac Arrest Facts

  • Annually, more than 2,300 Singaporeans suffer from cardiac arrest, of which only 3% survive
  • Every second matters as chances of survival drops by 7% to 10% every minute
  • Bystander CPR is shown to double survival rates



Get Involved

The first step to volunteering is to know more about CPR/AED. Below are some recommended ways to do so!

  1. Take a CPR/AED certification course today at any of the SRFAC Registered CPR Training Centres today;
  2. Learn more about CPR/AED awareness through the Dispatcher Assisted first Responder(DARE) Programs that are free or;
  3. Watch this video.


Data Privacy


Any personal information collected under this initiative will be kept confidential. Your personal data is needed so that we can contact you to notify you of cases and to get feedback from you regarding the R-AEDi project. We take data security seriously and follow government guidelines for data security and protection. We also abide by the Personal Protection Data Protection Act (PDPA) in the handling of data. In addition, any GPS location data collected through the app will be anonymized and is used to generate statistics/operational research to improve the community coverage and response.



Please support our efforts to grow our pool of community responders and AED location database. If you have any query or are keen to have your organisation’s public access AED locations mapped into the national AED registry, please get in touch with us at