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    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

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  • 995

    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance



The following are some of the public education materials provided free to all members of the public.

Civil Defence Emergency Handbook


The Civil Defence Emergency Handbook is one of the primary means through which the SCDF reaches out to all segments of the population. It aims to equip our readers with essential life-saving skills in times of emergency.

The latest 2016 edition contains updated information as well as new topics such as what to do in the event of gas leaks, when encountering unruly crowd, when you are caught in a fire in super high-rise residential buildings as well as tips to prevent a vehicle fire.

There is also a section on how the public can play an important role as Community First Responders by equipping themselves with key lifesaving skills namely CPR and AED procedures, basic first aid and basic firefighting techniques through fire extinguishers and hose reels.

*The Tamil version of the handbook will be available in August.



2016 edition

English ( PDF, 8.6 MB )
Mandarin ( PDF, 7.9 MB )
Malay ( PDF, 5.4 MB )


2012 edition

English ( PDF, 8.1 MB )
Mandarin ( PDF, 8.4 MB )
Melayu ( PDF, 7.9 MB )
Tamil ( PDF, 8.1 MB )

Junior Civil Defence Emergency Handbook

Heartland Heroes

The Junior Civil Defence Emergency Handbook is a simplified version of the Civil Defence Emergency Handbook, presented in Manga comic form. This book aims to equip children with emergency preparedness knowledge.



Posters, Flyers and Booklets.

Fire Safety


For School

Fire Evacuation in schools

Fire Safety in Schools



For Workplace

Be Fire Safe - Remove Those Hazards
Fire Safety - Be Aware Be Safe
Fire Costs Jobs
Fire Evacuation at Work(Eng & Chi) (Malay & Tamil)
Fire Safety at Workplace(Eng & Chi) (Malay & Tamil)
Kitchen Exhaust Duct (Poster in English)(Poster in Chinese)


For Home and General

Fire Rescue
Fire Safety at Home(Eng) (Chi) (Malay) (Tamil)
Guidelines on the use of common areas in HDB estates
Guidelines On The Use of Common Areas in HDB Estates(Eng & Chi) (Malay & Tamil)
If A Bomb Explosion Occurs(Eng & Chi) (Malay & Tamil)
Learn to Use the Fire Extinguisher(Eng & Chi) (Malay & Tamil)
Practice Fire Safety (Eng & Chi) (Malay & Thai) (Tamil & Bangla)
*NEW Preventing Battery Fires Brochure - Eng & Chi (PDF, 2.62 MB) | Malay & Tamil (PDF, 3.01 MB)
Preventing Residental Fires - Rubbish Chute Fires(Eng) (Chi)
Rubbish Chute Fire:
- Poster
- Flyer
Smoke Detector
Battery Fire Prevention
Visit Singapore Power's website for gas safety posters and videos


For Vehicle

Tips on Preventing and Handling Vehicle Fire

Peace Time and War Time Emergency


Peace Time Emergency

Decontamination Procedure for Affected People
Dirty Bomb Threat
Earth Tremor
Earth Tremors - (Precautions)
In-Place Protection Non-Residential(Eng & Chi) (Malay & Tamil)
In-Place Protection Residential(Eng & Chi) (Malay & Tamil)
Man-made Emergencies
Mangaing Chemical Agent (CA) Incident
Power Outage
Public Transport Security


War Time Emergency

Bomb Explosion
Emergency Procedures
Public Warning System & Shelter Procedures

General Emergency Prepardness

General-EP-Thumbnail_1General Emergency

Advisory on the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)(Eng & Chi) (Malay & Tamil)
Be prepared make it a habit
Emergency Ambulance Service Pamphlet (Eng & Chi) (Malay & Tamil)
National Security Information Booklet
Operating A Hose Reel (Eng & Malay) (Chinese & Tamil)
Ready Bag
Ready Home Self-Validation Checklist(Eng & Chi) (Malay & Tamil)
What to do following the aftermath of a fire
Note: You can obtain a maximum of 2 copies of the publication from our Customer Service Centre located at HQ SCDF, 91 Ubi Ave 4 S408827 during office hours. For more copies, please call 6848 1525.