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    Fire Engine / Ambulance

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  • 995

    Fire Engine / Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance

Use of Sky Lantern


For the use of sky lanterns, one needs to apply for clearances from CAAS and SCDF.


Please contact the agencies concern or refer to the details listed in the relevant agencies' website.


Tel        : 65954088



Below is the SCDF's fire safety guidelines to be adhered:

  1. No free release of sky lantern or lanterns.
  2. The lighted sky lantern shall remain tethered at all times.
  3. The tethers used must be strong enough to prevent the lantern from breaking free.
  4. An organiser is allowed up to 5 batches (i.e. 1 batch equates to 20 numbers of tethered sky lanterns).
  5. Safety marshallers are to be present on-site to supervise and prevent the lanterns from being intentionally or inadvertently released into the air.
  6. Safety marshallers shall be equipped with fire extinguishers to deal with fire-related contingencies.



Name  : CPT Teo Mei Tin

Tel       : 6848 1483

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