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  • 995

    Fire Engine / Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance



Digital Photobook on Operation Lionheart Deployment in the Türkiye-Syria Earthquake


Operation Lionheart - Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Digital Photobook


The digital photobook chronicles the courage and resilience of the SCDF Operation Lionheart Contingent, throughout their deployment in the Türkiye-Syria Earthquake in February 2023. The officers worked hand-in-glove with their international counterparts, overcoming the various challenges to bring hope to the affected people of Türkiye.


10th Anniversary of SCDF Marine Division: A Decade of Transformation


This book was written to commemorate the 10th anniversary of SCDF Marine Division. In the past decade, the Division has been keeping Singapore waters safe by responding to emergencies out at sea swiftly and effectively. This book will showcase the journey of Marine Division, how she transformed from humble beginnings in 2012 to a world class marine firefighting unit, covering her history, development, capabilities and achievements. Through the book, the reader will also be able to see how our personnel, especially the pioneers, persevered and overcame their challenges to become the accomplished Mariners that they are today. Though we have achieved much over this decade, our future looks exciting as we work towards even greater excellence.


Beyond the Rumbles & Sirens  (PDF, 9.05MB)


This commemorative publication chronicles the key milestones and development of the SCDF Emergency Medical Services (EMS) over the decades.


Annual Report

Find out more about the SCDF in this annual corporate book.



This online magazine is produced on a bi-monthly basis and features news articles and events within the SCDF. The latest and archives editions are  also available. 



‘REaction’, which stands for ‘REscuers in action’, is SCDF's technical publication that invoke thought provoking discussions and interesting case studies.


Fire Analysis Reports (FAR)

The FAR will provide details on the trends, patterns and other findings from the analysis of a specific type of fire or fire-related topic. Relevant examples of actual fire incidents will also be presented. In addition, fire safety tips or references to sources of information relating to fire prevention will be provided.


Everyday Guardians (PDF, 7.94MB)

Everyday Guardians

This book chronicles 50 years of NS in the HT, and its evolution to become the modern fighting force that the SPF and SCDF is today. The book features interesting stories from different generations of HT NS officers, from those in the 1960s to the present. The uniforms, training doctrine and equipment have changed over the years but one thing remains constant " our NS officers can be counted on to do their best when duty calls.


SCDF Service Quality Handbook (PDF, 149KB)

SCDF has set out a list of 12 Quality Service Indicators. Through these Indicators, SCDF hopes to promote transparency and realistic expectations of our service standards to the public.


SCDF Supplier Handbook 2012 (PDF, 352KB)

The Singapore Civil Defence (SCDF) recognises that strategic partnerships with our suppliers are critical to achieving our goal of delivering life-saving emergency services to the public. The SCDF Supplier Handbook is an initiative by us to orientate all our valued suppliers on the process of doing business with us and to promote good corporate relations with the supplier community. Specially prepared for all our valued suppliers, this Handbook provides important information and tips on doing business with the SCDF. We trust that our valued suppliers will find it useful in their dealings with us and hope to make every experience of doing business with the SCDF a pleasant and delightful one.