• 995

    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance

  • Fire Hazard Reporting

    1800 280 0000

  • General Enquiries

    1800 286 5555

  • 995

    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance

Training Establishments

The SCDF has 3 training establishments:

- the Civil Defence Academy (CDA);

- the National Training Service Centre (NSTC); and

- the Home Team Tactical Centre (HTTC).


Civil Defence Academy (CDA)

The CDA, constructed at a cost of S$96 million in 1999, was custom-designed to house high-tech training facilities such as computer-controlled simulators like the LPG bullet tank fire-fighting simulator, and the nine-storey fire fighting and rescue training tower.


These provide realistic indoor and outdoor training in fire-fighting, rescue, paramedical and other emergency functions to its trainees ranging from full-time civil defence national servicemen and regular staff, to members of the public as well as foreign trainees.


Advanced courses ranging from fire-fighting, urban search and rescue techniques to hazmat mitigation are also available at the international level.


National Service Training Centre (NSTC)

The NSTC provides basic training to all newly enlisted full-time Civil Defence National Servicemen (NSF). With a small exception of exemptees (on medical grounds), all NSF will go through a two-phased training before being sent to Civil Defence Academy (CDA) for further vocation training, and thereafter, to be deployed in various Civil Defence Units.


Home Team Tactical Centre (HTTC)

The Home Team Tactical Centre was jointly developed by SCDF and the Singapore Police force (SPF). It affords realistic training simulations and scenarios which can be customised for the individual officer, firefighter and rescuer, or for inter-agency operations in major disasters and terrorist attacks. The centre also allows for greater utilisation of training resources between SCDF and SPF while strengthening the coordination and operations between the two Home Team agencies.