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The Fire Code is a living document periodically reviewed by the SCDF to ensure that fire safety standards keep pace with Singapore’s evolving urban landscape and national development. By taking into account the knowledge gleaned from valuable feedback received during consultation sessions with Qualified Persons, dialogues and meetings with other industry professionals, the SCDF ensures that the Fire Code remains relevant to the practices of the building industry and effective in its purpose.

The latest 8th edition of the Fire Code is the result of a multi-disciplinary, multi-professional public-private collaborative endeavour. It adopts an evidence-based and quantitative approach involving literature research, comparative studies, fire tests and the conduct of fire and evacuation modelling. The objective is to make the Code requirements sharper and less onerous through quantitative assessment to manage the risks. Led by the SCDF, the Fire Code Review Committee comprises esteemed representatives from professional bodies, academia and statutory boards. The Committee has contributed immensely and I would like to place on record our appreciation for their assiduous efforts.

In the process of review, we were guided by the need for the Fire Code to be more user-friendly and organised. For instance, over the years, a growing number of appendices were added to the Fire Code in response to new systems, fire safety products and developments being introduced into the building industry. This made referencing complicated as related fire safety requirements were mentioned in both the main sections and appendices of the Fire Code. One of the key changes is the incorporation of the annexes and appendices into the main sections of the Fire Code to avoid confusion on the significance of the annexes and appendices vis-à-vis the main sections of the Code. And to enhance user experience, the 8th edition has been digitised with interactive features that facilitate speedy search and cross-referencing. All users will now have access to web-based information they need anytime, anywhere via the SCDF website.

The editorial team also improved descriptions in the Fire Code to meet the requirements of a variety of users including non-technically trained users. Other aspects of the review include addressing common consultation and waiver issues with a view to mainstream them, as well as permitting the use of new building products, materials, systems and technologies. In doing so, the Fire Code is refreshed to ensure currency and relevance.

Over the years, SCDF and our stakeholders have work closely to maintain a high standard of fire safety in Singapore. We must continue to progress and surpass expectations on public safety. The latest Code is both progressive and pro-enterprise in design with fire safety at the centre.

SCDF is always open to feedback and suggestions on fire safety requirements and I look forward to our stakeholders’ continued support and partnership with the SCDF.

Eric Yap


Singapore Civil Defence Force

August 2018


The Code of Practice for Fire Precautions in Buildings Review Committee comprises the following members:

Commissioner Eric YapSingapore Civil Defence Force
SAC Christopher TanSingapore Civil Defence Force
Mr Tan Yi YangSingapore Civil Defence Force
Mr Tan Eu Seng, RandySingapore Civil Defence Force
Er Teo YannAssociation of Consulting Engineers, Singapore
Er Vincent HanAssociation of Consulting Engineers, Singapore
Er (Dr) Tran Chi TrungBuilding & Construction Authority
Ar Tan LilyHousing & Development Board
Ar Jansen Foo Chek HanHousing & Development Board
Er Tham Kwok LeongInstitution of Engineers, Singapore
Er Mok Kam Tim, TimmyInstitution of Engineers, Singapore
Er Yeow Mei LengInstitution of Fire Engineers, Singapore
Er Yee Poh KinInstitution of Fire Engineers, Singapore
Er Yee Peng HueyJTC Corporation
Mr Kwok Weng YinJTC Corporation
Er Chiam Boon HuiLand Transport Authority
Mr Liew Ching BoonNanyang Technological University
Mr Steven LeowReal Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore
Mr Chan Weng KhoonReal Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore
Mr Tan Guan Leong, PeterUrban Redevelopment Authority
Mr Chng Seng Yong, JosephSingapore Accreditation Council
Ar Eng Yew Hoon PBMSingapore Institute of Architects
Ar Song Yew Kee (served till Nov 2016)Singapore Institute of Architects
Mr Heng Chai LiangSingapore Civil Defence Force
Mr Lee Wee KeongSingapore Civil Defence Force
LTC Choh Choon JinSingapore Civil Defence Force
LTC Goh Boon HanSingapore Civil Defence Force
Mr Nicholas LeeSingapore Civil Defence Force
Editorial Team: 
CPT Ranneth TanSingapore Civil Defence Force
CPT Gladis ChooSingapore Civil Defence Force

Notice to Users of the Code of Practice for Fire Precautions in Buildings 2018

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) reviews the Code of Practice for Fire Safety Precautions in Buildings (Fire Code) regularly to ensure relevance with new developments, such as changes in building construction methods, new/improved building materials, changing building risk profiles, etc..

The SCDF will periodically inform the building industry through circulars on all changes made to the Code, and will update the interactive version of the Code on its website when the changes take effect.

Updated 1 March 2023