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This chapter specifies the additional requirements peculiar to buildings of respective purpose groups. These additional requirements shall be read in conjunction with other requirements relevant to the respective purpose groups stipulated in Chapter 1 to 8 of this Code. Where there are conflicting requirements between this chapter and the preceding chapters, the requirements stipulated in this chapter shall take precedence.


9.1.1 General

a. Means of escape

(1) Single household dwelling


Buildings under PG I can consist of more than three floors if they are occupied as a single household dwelling.

(2) Basement levels

Effective Date: 01 Mar 2019


For PG I building which has four or more levels (including the basement levels and attics), the basement levels shall discharge directly to the external space at grade level.

Effective Date: 01 Mar 2019

(3) Access staircases

Effective Date: 25 Aug 2023


Means of escape for a building or a separate part of a building of single occupancy of PG I can be provided via access staircase(s).

b. Structural fire precautions

(1) Attic floor

An attic in buildings under PG I can be constructed of timber boarding on timber joists, provided it is protected to achieve the fire resistance rating required of the elements of structure of the building or compartment.

(2) Floor over a basement

Effective Date: 01 Mar 2019


For PG I building which has four or more levels (including the basement storeys and attics), the floor immediately over the basement storeys shall be compartmented by compartment walls/ floors. Where there is an internal connection between the basement storeys and upper levels, it shall be compartmented by a fire-rated door at the 1st storey landing.

c. Extent of unprotected openings

(1) The extent of unprotected openings in an external wall of a building under PG I, in relation to its distance from the relevant boundary, can be based on the internal room/space in the building that has the largest extent of unprotected openings to comply with Table 1 of Annex 3B.

(2) Internal walls enclosing the room/space in the building except glazing, are not required to be fire-rated, but shall be constructed of non-combustible materials.


Effective Date: 1 Sep 2021

d. PV installation 

For PV installations the requirements shall be as follows: 

(1) For access to the PV installations on the roof, a portable sturdy or cat/ ship ladder to the roof access shall be provided.

(2) All access hatches, if provided, shall be readily accessible from the roof. The access hatch opening shall have a minimum clear width of 1m in diameter.

(3) A clearance of 1m around the access/ hatch opening shall be provided.

(4) For fire resistance of PV modules, it shall be in accordance with Cl.10.2.1c..

(5) For emergency disconnection of the PV modules, it shall be in accordance with Cl.10.2.1e..

Effective Date: 1 Mar 2022