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  • 995

    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance

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6.1.1 General

a. Portable fire extinguishers, where required, shall be constructed in accordance with SS EN 3.

b. All portable fire extinguishers, where required to be provided, shall be charged, tested, maintained and properly tagged in accordance with SS 578.

6.1.2 Provision

a. Fire extinguishers shall be provided in all buildings except the following:

(1) PG I buildings;

(2) residential floors of PG II buildings; and


(3) car parking areas in standalone car parks or mixed-use residential buildings.

(4)  roof level of single storey buildings with  roof height not more than 12m or inaccessible pitched roof up to 24m from grade level used  solely for roof-mounted PV installations in accordance with Cl.10.2.1b.(1).

(5)   roof level of an external/ open-sided overhead bridge/ shed/ linkway/ walkway with  clear width less than 6m, roof height not more than 12m and used solely for roof-mounted PV installations  in accordance with Cl.10.2.1b.(1).

b. Where the roof level is a non-habitable floor, fire extinguishers shall be provided to cover the M&E plants/equipment.

6.1.3 Type, size and siting


The classification of portable fire extinguishers provided shall be selected in accordance with SS 578 such that the nature of processes and contents within the building concerned can be effectively protected. The size, quantity and siting of these portable fire extinguishers shall comply with the requirements in SS 578 under the respective class of occupancy hazard.

6.1.4 Installation and marking


Portable fire extinguishers provided shall be installed and conspicuously marked in accordance with requirements by SS 578.

Updated 1 Sep 2022