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11.5.1 Application for a CoC

a. The party that intends to own the CoC, whether local or foreign, shall submit the application for the CoC.

b. Foreign companies that intend to apply for a CoC to supply regulated fire safety products in Singapore, shall engage a local representative, prior to submitting the application for a CoC.

11.5.2 Duty to notify CB

a. CoC holders, and, where applicable, local representatives, shall inform CBs of any other changes (e.g., CoC holder/ local representative contact information), where the information differs from that submitted during the CoC application.

b. CoC holders and local representatives shall inform CBs of any changes to the product from the prototype that was tested when applying for the CoC.

11.5.3 Duties related to the surveillance regime

CoC holders/ local representatives shall carry out the following in relation to the surveillance regime:

a. Facilitate the conduct of factory inspections and surveillance tests (as stipulated in Table 11A), or unscheduled tests required by SCDF or the CB to verify conformity of the products;

b. Make arrangements with the CB on the date/ time of sampling and inspection; and

c. Provide the necessary support for the purpose of the surveillance regime (e.g., fabricating door frame for fire test involving fire-rated doors, ensure availability of samples, provide the relevant information such as location of the relevant samples, as requested by the CB).

11.5.4 Duties related to serial labels and DoCs

With reference to Regulation 10(2)(g) of the Fire Safety (Regulated Fire Safety Products) Regulations 2020, location refers to the exact address, including unit number, where applicable, where the regulated fire safety product is installed.