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Clause 1.1 - Scope

The Code of Practice for Fire Precautions in Buildings, hereinafter called “the Code” or “this Code”, serves to establish the minimum requirements for fire safety provisions in all buildings. It takes into account the function, design, management, operation, and maintenance of buildings to secure the life safety of occupants and property safety in the event of a fire.

1.1.1 Rapid Transit System (RTS)

Fire safety requirements for underground, surface and elevated RTS including trainways, transit stations, train maintenance depots, on-line electric substations and RTS facility buildings, shall comply with “Code of Practice for Fire Precautions in Rapid Transit Systems”.

1.1.2 Fire safety requirements for laboratories handling hazardous chemicals

For laboratory storing and using chemicals/HazMat shall be in compliance with NFPA 45, except for the Maximum Allowable Quantity (MAQ) which shall comply with the figures released by SCDF.

1.1.3 Fire safety requirements for road tunnels

Fire safety requirements for road tunnels shall be in compliance with NFPA 502.

1.1.4 Fire Safety Report and Fire Safety Instruction Manual (Appendix 1 & 2)

! Note to QPs on Clause 1.1.4

1. Fire safety report is to document the provision of fire protection and life safety features in the building and/or plants/installations. This report serves as a useful reference to FSMs, building owners, RIs, the SCDF and QPs appointed to carry out any subsequent additions and alteration works. Where the nature of the additions and alteration works would require the updating of the fire safety report, the QP shall be responsible to submit revised and updated report to the building owner/s and the SCDF.

2. The fire safety instruction manual is a document prepared by the QP to remind the building owner on the management of fire safety provisions within the building. This includes maintenance regimes for such provisions, evacuation procedures, and other relevant documents to be kept and maintained by the building owner. Any subsequent additions and alteration works shall be updated in the fire safety instruction manual.

3. The fire safety manual, including any subsequent updates, shall be submitted by the QP to the SCDF for record when making building plan submission. A copy of which shall be handled officially to the building owner for information and safe keeping before occupation of the building.

4. Details of the fire safety report and fire safety instruction manual can be found at SCDF's website:

Fire Safety Report and/or Fire Safety Instruction Manual for building projects/fire safety provisions specified by SCDF shall be submitted when making building plan submission.