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    Fire Engine / Ambulance

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    Non-Emergency Ambulance

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  • 995

    Fire Engine / Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance

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With the installation of AEDs, we would like to encourage residents to be trained in CPR-AED skills so as to render immediate assistance to cardiac arrest victims prior to the arrival of SCDF.


If you are interested to learn life-saving skills (including CPR-AED), sign up for the 1-hour Dispatcher-Assisted first REsponder (DARE) Plus Programme at your nearest Community Centre once the AEDs are installed in your neighbourhood.


The DARE Plus Programme includes the following contents:

a.       DARE training (CPR-AED training focusing on chest compressions without mouth-to-mouth ventilations);

b.       Run, Hide and Tell;

c.       Improvised First Aid Skills (IFAS) on Press, Tie and Tell; and

d.       The Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep (P.A.S.S) method of operating a fire extinguisher.

If you are keen to pick up life-saving skills today, you may sign up for the Responders Plus Programme (RPP).

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All these programmes are free of charge.