Rescue995 Special Edition Digital Photobook — Operation Lionheart: Türkiye-Syria Earthquake

September 29, 2023
Operation Lionheart - Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Digital Photobook

Rescue995 is honoured to present Operation Lionheart: Türkiye-Syria Earthquake, as a Rescue995 Special Edition for this month. The digital photobook chronicles the courage and resilience of the SCDF Operation Lionheart Contingent, throughout their deployment in the Türkiye-Syria Earthquake in February 2023. The officers worked hand-in-glove with their international counterparts, overcoming the various challenges to bring hope to the affected people of Türkiye.


Highlights of the photobook:
  • Detailed coverage of the Operation Lionheart deployment, including mobilisation, search and rescue, and humanitarian relief
  • In-depth description of the unique roles within the Operation Lionheart Contingent and how they contributed to mission success
  • Collaboration and camaraderie among international rescuers
  • Touching moments of hope and resilience in the face of adversity


This photobook is dedicated to the 68 officers in the Operation Lionheart Contingent, as well as their supportive families and loved ones.


Check out the digital photobook here.