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Singapore-Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge (SGFPC)

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At the SGFPC, witness emergency responders and community partners compete in adrenaline pumping scenario-based challenges in the Global, Singapore and Public categories.



The Theme


The theme for SGFPC 2019 is 'A Nation of Lifesavers: Transforming as One' which focuses on strengthening local and international partnerships amongst the fraternity of emergency responders and Singapore's community to be ever-ready for future operational needs. It will highlight the community's interoperability and tenacity for self-improvement.


The Participants


The list of international teams that took part in SGFPC 2019 are shown in the table below:

1Brunei Fire and Rescue Department
2Bureau of Fire Protection, Philippines
3Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Thailand
4Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Western Australia
5Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (DRRMO), Pasig City
6Fire Services and Civil Defence Directorate, Bangladesh
7Hong Kong Fire Services Department
8Jakarta Fire and Rescue Department
9Macau Fire Services Bureau
10Malaysia Civil Defence Force (MCDF)
11Malaysia Fire and Rescue Department, Bomba
12Special Malaysia Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (SMART)
13Vietnam Fire and Rescue Police Department




The Challenges

Global Challenges

Braveheart (Individual)

The Braveheart is SGFPC’s flagship individual challenge.  This high tempo and adrenaline-pumped race comprises an 8-stage challenge to test an individual’s strength, agility, skills and most importantly, mental endurance.

Instructional Video


2019 Animation Video:


2019 Results:
PositionNameTeamTime Clocked
1stMd BukharySingapore Civil Defence Force5min 12sec
2ndShota SuzakiDepartment of Fire and Emergency Services, Western Australia5min 51sec
3rdHotto Lumban GaolJakarta Fire and Rescue Department5min 54sec
4thKamaruddin PadinFire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (Bomba)6min 01sec


Rip-It-Off (Team)

Based on a road traffic accident scenario, contestants will be judged based on their on-site assessment, command & control, vehicle stabilisation, extrication techniques and medical intervention proficiency.  The team that completes the challenge with the fastest timing without breaching any safety rules will emerge victorious. 

Instructional Video


2019 Animation Video:

2019 Results:
1stSingapore Civil Defence Force 
2ndDepartment of Fire and Emergency Services, Western Australia
3rdFire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (Bomba)
4thPasig City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DRRMO)
5thDepartment of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Thailand

Braveheart (Team)

The challenge bears resemblance to the Braveheart (Individual) Challenge with medical components included.  The 12-men team formed by members from all participating organisations will be required to complete the various tasks in the fastest timing while ensuring the safety of all team members and the casualty.  Teamwork and coordination is essential in this challenge.

Instructional Video


2019 Animation Video:
2019 Results:
1stRed Team
2ndGreen Team
3rdBlue Team
4thYellow Team

Public Challenges

School Challenge

In this challenge involving a gas explosion and fire in a school canteen, student participants will have to execute tasks including extinguishing the fire, performing CPR, and extricating a casualty with lower limb injuries.  The difficulty for the scenario is compounded as it requires the participants to manoeuvre through obstacles and confined spaces.


2019 Animation Video:

2019 Results:
PositionTeamFinal Timing
1stNCDCC Team 21min 43sec
2ndNCDCC Team 41min 58sec
3rdITE College East (Tango 7)2min 08sec
4thNCDCC Team 52min 09sec
5thTemasek Polytechnic (TPCD-Lionhearters)2min 26sec


Community Challenge

For this scenario which involves a kitchen fire, Community First Responders will be activated via SCDF’s myResponder App.  To complete the mission, participants have to execute several tasks including extinguishing the fire, performing basic first aid and CPR, as well as extricating the casualty to a safe area.


2019 Animation Video:

2019 Results:
PositionTeamFinal Timing
1stQueenstown C2E (Queenstown Heartsavers)2min 56sec
2ndSembawang Constituency3min 16sec
3rdTaman Jurong C2E (TJ Responders)3min 26sec
4thPioneer C2E (Pioneer CET Warriors)3min 38sec
5thTampines West C2E Team B5min 03sec


Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) Challenge

For the CERT Challenge, participants will be activated to respond to a flash fire scenario involving a partial structural collapse within an office.  The CERT participants will be required to don their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), lay hoses, extinguish the fire and perform a snatch rescue of the casualty in a confined space environment.


2019 Animation Video:


2019 Results:
PositionTeamFinal Timing
1stPSA Corporation2min 21sec
2ndSembCorp Marine Tuas Boulevard Yard (Team TBY)2min 43sec
3rdSembCorp Marine Tanjong Kling Yard (Team TKY)3min 01sec
4thSentosa (SR2)3min 26sec
5thAPM Property Management4min 11sec


Private Ambulance Operator (PAO) Challenge

This challenge involves a medical response to a subject who suffered traumatic injuries and profuse bleeding.  The participants will be tested on their proficiency in areas such as casualty management, administration of intravenous fluid and immobilisation of lower limb fractures.


2019 Animation Video:


2019 Results:
PositionTeamFinal Timing
1stLentor Ambulance Pte Ltd (KIL5T)4min 54sec
2ndLentor Ambulance Pte Ltd (KIL4T)5min 35sec
3rdHope Medical Services Group (Hope Team 2)5min 36sec
4thHope Medical Services Group (Hope Team 1)5min 53sec
5thUnistrong Technology (S) Pte Ltd (Unistrong Team B)7min 05sec


Singapore Challenges

Fire-Medical Challenge

This challenge depicts a unit fire and showcases the ability of SCDF’s dual-trained responders in dealing with both fire and medical incidents. Responders will show their efficiency in handling a simulated kitchen fire with the use of Compressed Air Foam (CAF) backpack extinguishers. Upon extinguishing the fire, the fire crew will work together with the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team in a display of High-Performance CPR, showcasing the teamwork between the fire and medical aspects of SCDF.


2019 Animation Video:


Confined Space Challenge

Rescuers race against time to rescue casualties trapped within a collapsed structure scenario. In this challenge, SCDF’s Operationally Ready NSmen (ORNSmen) will display their skill in the use of cutting and lifting equipment. They will also demonstrate high levels of teamwork and coordination in the removal of casualties from a confined space and lowering the extricated casualties from the top of the Mobile Height Tower.


2019 Animation Video:


HazMat Challenge

This challenge simulates a response to a Hazardous Materials (HazMat) incident within a chemical plant. SCDF’s HazMat Specialists will demonstrate their speed in donning their protective gear before showcasing their skill in mitigating chemical leaks. Responders will also display their ability to extricate casualties from a confined space despite being hindered by their bulky equipment.


2019 Animation Video:


2019 Results:
1st4th SCDF Division
2nd3rd SCDF Division
3rd1st SCDF Division
4th2nd SCDF Division



Image Gallery


Photos taken during SGFPC 2019 are shown below.

For the results and photos taken during the past SGFPC events, please click here.

_AM30282 _AM30287 _AM10983 _AM11000 _AM11045 _AM10993 _AM10989 _AM10980 _AM11087 _AM11176 _AM11110 _AM11192 _AM11142 _AM11158 _AM11179 _AM11200 _AM11170 _AM11058 _AM11229 _AM11097 _AM11397 _AM20106 _AM11334 _AM11388 _AM11380 _AM11244 _AM11248 _AM20194 _AM11329 _AM11240 _AM20105 _AM20252 _AM20253 _AM30365 _AM30434 _AM30429 _AM30377 _AM30296 _AM30432 _AM30433 _AM30315 _AM30487 _AM30465 _AM30486 _AM30463 _AM30512 _AM30443 _AM30501 _AM30472 _AM30468 _AM30476 _AM30503 _AM30480 _AM30510 _AM30496 Q05A0982 Q05A1024 _AM30541 Q05A1079 Q05A0990 Q05A1119 Q05A1016 Q05A0987 Q05A1128 Q05A1145 Q05A1121 Q05A0996 Q05A1009 Q05A1189 Q05A1192 Q05A1266 Q05A1258 Q05A1194 Q05A1187 Q05A1244 Q05A1262 Q05A1232 Q05A1205 Q05A1221 Q05A1240 Q05A1224 Q05A1188 Q05A1283 Q05A1377 Q05A1421 Q05A1410 Q05A1402 Q05A1423 Q05A1277 Q05A1426 Q05A1290 Q05A1292 Q05A1356 Q05A1407 Q05A1376 Q05A1286 Q05A1387 Q05A1302
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