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Maintenance Notice: SCDF e-Services will be undergoing scheduled maintenance from 22 Mar 2019, 1800hrs till 25 Mar 2019, 0900hrs and will not be available during this period. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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P11112016 SGFPC 2016 @ Expo 206

Singapore-Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge (SGFPC)



At the SGFPC, witness emergency responders and community partners compete in adrenaline pumping scenario-based challenges in the Global, Singapore and Public categories.


The Theme

The theme for SGFPC 2018 is 'Together, A Nation of Lifesavers: Transforming into the Future' which focuses on SCDF's transformation efforts towards operational readiness, preparedness and building future capabilities.


Here's a short video showing some of the actions you can expect during SGFPC:



The Challenges

Global Challenges

Braveheart (Individual)

The flagship individual challenge of SGFPC and event highlight. This high tempo and adrenaline-pumped activity comprises of an 8-stage challenge to test and individual’s strength, agility, skills and more importantly, mental endurance.

PositionNameTeamTime Clocked
1stMd BukharySCDF, DART5min 47sec
2ndJosh CaddyDFES, Western Australia5min 49sec
3rdKamaruddin PadinBOMBA, Malaysia6min 01sec


Rip-It-Off (Team)

Based on a road traffic accident scenario, contestants will be judged based on their on-site assessment, command & control, vehicle stabilisation, extrication techniques and medical intervention proficiency. A Virtual Reality (VR) component has also been included in this year's iteration to provide a different dimension of realism to the scenario. The team that completes the challenge with the fastest timing without breaching any safety rules will emerge victorious.

1stDepartment of Fire and Emergency Services, Western Australia
2ndSingapore Civil Defence Force
3rdFire and Rescue Department of Malaysia
4thHong Kong Fire Services Department
5thVietnam Fire Fighting and Rescue Police


Global Exchange Braveheart (Mixed Team)

The challenge bears resemblance to the Braveheart (Individual) with medical components added in. The 12-men team formed by members from all participating organisations will be required to complete the various tasks in the fastest timing while ensuring the safety of all team members and the casualty. Teamwork and coordination is essential in this challenge.

1stBlue Team
2ndYellow Team
3rdGreen Team
4thRed Team

Public Challenges

School Challenge

In this challenge involving a gas explosion and fire in a school canteen, student participants will have to execute tasks including extinguishing the fire, performing CPR and extricating a casualty with head and lower limb injuries, and another suffering from cardiac arrest. The difficulty for the scenario is compounded as it requires the participants to manoeuvre through obstacles and confined spaces.

PositionTeamFinal Timing
1stNCDCC Team 53min 58sec
2ndNCDCC Team 24min 18sec
3rdNCDCC Team 64min 32sec
4thNCDCC Team 35min 00sec
5thSP Lionhearters5min 06sec


Community Challenge

For this scenario which involves a kitchen fire, community first responders will be activated via SCDF's myResponder App. To complete the mission, participants have to execute several tasks including extinguishing the kitchen fire, performing basic first aid, CPR and extricating the casualty to a safe area.

PositionTeamFinal Timing
1stPioneer CERT Warriors4min 05sec
2ndRising Stars4min 39sec
3rdChangi Simei C2E4min 47sec
4thQueenstown CERT Team 14min 55sec
5thTWC2E16min 02sec


Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) Challenge

For the CERT Challenge, participants will be activated to respond to a flash fire scenario involving partial structural collapse within an office. The CERT participants will be required to don their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), lay hoses, extinguish the fire and perform a snatch rescue on the casualty in a confined space environment.

PositionTeamFinal Timing
1stPSA Corporation Limited3min 27sec
2ndSembCorp Marine TKY3min 31sec
3rdAPM Property Mgmt Pte Ltd 4min 09sec
4th7 Underground4min 35sec
5thSembCorp Marine TBY5min 02sec


Private Ambulance Operator (PAO) Challenge

This challenge involves a medical response to a subject who suffered traumatic injuries and profuse bleeding. The participants will be tested on their proficiency in areas such as casualty management, administration of intravenous fluid and immobilisation of lower limb fractures.

PositionTeamFinal Timing
1stLentorians II4min 00sec
2ndHope Team 24min 07sec
3rdLentorians5min 31sec
4thHope Team 17min 11sec
5thSinus Blue7min 32sec

Singapore Challenges

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Challenge

With the terrorist threat at its highest level in Singapore in recent times, the demands placed upon the SCDF personnel in the frontline units have changed significantly in view of the new threat environment. When confronted with active gunmen amidst a bomb blast scenario, an EMS ambulance crew will need to move tactically into the inner cordon and proceed with rapid snatch rescue and administration of critical medical aid to casualties before more comprehensive treatment is provided at the safe zone.

Firefighting Challenge

This challenge depicts a response to a unit fire and showcases the activation of fire crew for medical incidents under the EMS Tiered Response plan. An EMT-Biker is first activated to attend to a cardiac arrest patient. While the EMT-Biker is occupied, a fire crew is activated to assist with another case of cardiac arrest. To complete the mission, the SCDF responders conduct forcible entry to access the affected unit and extinguish a fire with the use of CAF backpack extinguishers.

Confined Space Challenge

Rescuers race against time to rescue casualties trapped within a collapsed structure scenario. This challenge showcases motorised rescue trailers from which rescuers will retrieve the required equipment for lifting slabs and cutting wire meshes. Subsequently, they will lower a casualty with the use of a lowering device and tripod stand. This casualty is then brought out of the tunnels with the use of a SKED stretcher. 

HazMat Challenge

This challenge simulates a Hazardous Material (HazMat) incident that occurred within a chemical plant. Within a Virtual Reality environment, the commander conducts an initial assessment of the situation to identify chemical leaks as well as locate casualties. Transitioning to the practical challenge, the rest of the HazMat responders then conduct rescue of casualties and mitigation of the chemical leaks earlier identified by the commander. 


1st3rd SCDF Division
2nd4th SCDF Division
3rd1st SCDF Division
4th2nd SCDF Division
5thSCDF Marine Command


Image Gallery

For the results and photos taken during the past SGFPC event, click here.

_AM32528 _AM20151 _AM20163 _AM20146 _AM20160 _AM32522 _AM32537 _AM32506 _AM20156 _AM32498 _AM32521 _AM32476 _AM32541 _AM20127 _AM20131 _AM32438 _AM32491 _AM20139 _AM32469 _AM32473 _AM20135 _AM32533 _AM32517 _AM20145 _AM32524 _AM32548 _AM20181 _AM32441 _AM20168 _AM32462 _AM20169 _AM20172 _AM32452 _AM20173 _AM32459 _AM20134 _AM32486 _AM32439 _AM20121 _AM32446 _AM20079 _AM20017 _AM10437 _AM20027 _AM10418 _AM20081 _AM20065 _AM20059 _AM20042 _AM20009 _AM20087 _AM10395 _AM20109 _AM10477 _AM20050 _AM10503 _AM10548 _AM10547 _AM10440 _AM20006 _AM20055 _AM10473 _AM10436 _AM10420 _AM20089 _AM10386 _AM10458 _AM10434 _AM10387 _AM20048 _AM10461 _AM20015 _AM20095 _AM10568 _AM10588 _AM10570 _AM10412 _AM10517 _AM10441 _AM20037 _AM10511 _AM10429 _AM10426 _AM10531 _AM10586 _AM20036 _AM10406 _AM10401 _AM10555 _AM10478 _AM10500 _AM10557 _AM10585 _AM10524 _AM20094 _AM10512 _AM10544 _AM10559 _AM10403 _AM10532 _AM10383 _AM10452 _AM10446 _AM10459 _AM10455 _AM20073 _AM10489 _AM10482 _AM10497 _AM10451 _AM10415 _AM20062 _AM10469 _AM10389 _AM10448

Last Updated: 05 December 2018

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