Editor's Note

As 2020 dawned with much hope of good health and fresh beginnings, the world entered a new crisis. The spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe struck fear and health concerns among many, including our fellow Singaporeans.

During this trying period, I am stirred by our Emergency Medical Service personnel who are at the forefront of SCDF’s emergency response, carrying out their duties professionally as they respond to calls for help. This also applies to rest of our frontline personnel such as the Fire and Rescue Specialists, who still give their all to put out fires and protecting the public from harm.

Our Full-Time National Servicemen (NSFs) from the Special Rescue Unit (featured in this edition) conducted the temperature screening operations at Changi Airport, just few days after COVID-19 hit the shores of Singapore. Teams of our frontline career officers are manning the government quarantine facilities to help conduct swab testing on people who are suspected of having the novel coronavirus. Trained to be thorough when donning the Personal Protective Equipment and maintaining personal hygiene, the professionalism and dedication of our SCDF officers to serve the public during this crisis is remarkable.

Let us all stand united as one. Show our support to the Lifesaving Force and other healthcare frontline professionals in our fight against the COVID-19!

Also, in this February/March edition, we celebrate Banyan Fire Station’s 10-year anniversary as it commemorated past contributions of the pioneers who laid the foundation for current personnel to bring glory to the station.

We hope you enjoy the current edition of Rescue 995.


Thomas F Lim

February 2020

Editor, Rescue 995