Key SCDF Features at the Home Team Festival

December 16, 2019



Feature #1: Pump Ladder and Pumper Firefighting Machine (PFM)

SCDF displayed the latest generation of the SCDF Pump Ladder at the 2019 Home Team Festival, which was held from 22 to 24 November at the Singapore Expo.


The featured Pump Ladder is designed to stow equipment more efficiently and it allows swift and easy deployment of the most critical equipment during emergencies. It is also equipped with safety features such as a collision avoidance system and 360-degree cameras to enhance emergency response.



The latest generation of the SCDF Pump Ladder (in the background) and the Pumper Fire-fighting Machine (PFM; in front).


The Pump Ladder carries the Pumper Fire-fighting Machine (PFM), a robot which can be deployed in typical passenger lifts and is capable of traversing up and down staircases. The PFM is able to withstand at least 250°C of heat for 10 minutes without any loss of functionality. This makes firefighting possible under the condition where temperatures exceed the range of human operability.


Feature #2: MyResponder App


The myResponder app was developed by the SCDF in collaboration with the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) to crowdsource for lifesavers. Whenever there is a case of a medical emergency such as cardiac arrest, the app sends out a message to Community First Responders (CFRs) registered on the app who are within 400 metres of the patient. The app can also alert CFRs to other emergencies such as rubbish chute fires around the neighbourhood.



Visitors at the MyResponder App booth were encouraged to download and register an account with the app.


Feature #3: First Aid Skills Plus

The Improvised First Aid Skills Plus (IFAS PLUS) incorporates the Windlass Technique to the “Press, Tie, Tell” technique.


The launch of the IFAS PLUS reiterates SCDF’s commitment to continually upskilling the community with lifesaving techniques to ensure that they are prepared to respond to emergencies.



Visitors at the IFAS Plus Booth were taught how to apply the Improvised First Aid Skills Plus (IFAS PLUS) when responding to emergencies.


Feature #4: Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Getting equipped with essential lifesaving skills can be very useful, especially when assisting a person suffering from a cardiac arrest. During such incidents, first responders such as a relative, colleague or a passer-by may respond faster than SCDF. Their quick intervention can make a difference between life and death.




Visitors at the CPR and AED booth getting a hands-on experience on how to apply the CPR and use the AED when responding to emergencies.


Feature #5: Fight the Fire

Learning to fight fires using a fire extinguisher is a useful basic skill to have. Visitors at the Fire-the-Fire booth had a chance to learn how to use the fire extinguisher to put out household fires.



Young children queueing up for their turn to have a first-hand experience at putting out a fire using an  extinguisher.


Feature #6: Smoke-logged Confined Space

This activity booth takes visitors through a smoke-filled journey from one end of a tunnel to the next. Guided with safety instructions by the staff, visitors had to crawl through the smoke-logged confined space to experience how it is like in the event of a fire.




Visitors get a taste of how it is like during a fire as they crawled out of the smoke-filled confined space simulated for the experience.