Innovating Our Future with Digital Technology

April 28, 2022

Launch of the Lifesavers Innovation and Technology Space


SCDF has been deeply committed in driving our digital transformation and has embarked on a mission to inculcate a digitally ready and innovative-minded workforce. On 24 January 2022, what was previously known as Innoventure Land was officially rebranded as the Lifesavers Innovation and Technology (LIT) Space. Its soft launch was officiated by Comr Eric Yap, Commissioner SCDF.


When you hear the word ‘lit’, you might probably imagine a lit candlestick. This imagery of fire and light symbolises SCDF as a beacon of innovative spirit. In urban slang, ‘lit’ is used as a general term of approval and it also means ‘exciting’, ‘trendy’, and ‘awesome’.


To initiate the launch of LIT Space, Comr Eric Yap activated a vintage fire alarm bell that signifies our respect for and rootedness in tradition as we chart our way forward.


Comr Eric Yap officiating the launch of the LIT Space


To everyone’s amusement, at the sound of the vintage bell, RoverX was abruptly woken up from its sleep and decided to greet the event attendees! This was certainly a display of the synergy between past, present and the future.


Rover X ‘greeting’ Comr Eric Yap and the event attendees.


Comr Eric Yap and other members of the SCDF’s Senior Management were brought around the various digital resources and facilities in the LIT Space. This includes co-working spaces with interactive digital displays and modular furniture, a digital lab with 3D printers and the Arduino electronic prototyping kits.


LTA Haziq Raziff from Kallang Fire Station sharing about his experiences in 3D-printing various training and simulation accessories


There are also internet-enabled laptops and desktop computers for our technology enthusiast colleagues to learn about 3D modelling, how to analyse data, develop a website and mobile applications, and to design virtual environments for augmented experiences. These resources will also enable our SCDF innovators and experimenters to connect informally, exchange ideas, collaborate and co-create innovation projects to improve our operational efficiency and service delivery by adopting various digital technologies.


The soft launch also showcased numerous projects from our frontline units to promote the latest ground-up innovations. We saw how champions of sustainability, Lieutenant (LTA) Daran Tan from Jurong Island Fire Station and LTA Janice Lee from Yishun Fire Station, upcycled old fire hoses and uniforms to create lanyards, as well as wooden pallets and foam containers to make coffee tables and chairs!


Coffee table and chairs made from upcycled foam tote containers and paint buckets.


Fanciful wallets, name card holders and luggage tags made from upcycled fire hoses.


Floormat and flowerpots made from upcycled fire hoses and couplings.


A display of the Sustainable Future Corner


3D-printing enthusiasts, LTA Haziq Raziff from Kallang Fire Station and SSG Afiq Hamizan from Tampines Fire Station, showcased the 3D-printed products they had designed such as a holder for the rabbit tool, one of SCDF’s breaking tools, and a visor cover for the breathing apparatus facemask.


3D-printed miniature pen holder in the shape of firefighting helmets


Second Warrant Officer (WO2) Jonathan Wang from Sengkang Fire Station demonstrated an electronic torniquet prototype that was made using Arduino electronic prototyping kits, while WO2 Syed Yazid and SSG Asri Sapari, both from Jurong Fire Station, transported us into an immersive virtual reality world to view 3D models of SCDF appliances and vessels.


SSG Asri Sapari from Jurong Fire Station demonstrating the immersive virtual reality experience in viewing 3D models of SCDF appliances and vessel


In fact, representatives from all Land and Marine Divisions shared their ground-up initiatives to promote the use of technology and digital tools to help with their daily duties.


Last but not least, the SCDF E-Sports team impressed us with their comprehensive livestream production setup and use of firefighting computer games for team bonding.


SGT3 Fuad Razali from Alexandra Fire Station showing Comr Eric Yap a livestream production setup by the SCDF’s E-sports tea


LIT Talk Show


Following the official launch of the LIT Space, on 10 Mar 2022, SCDF organised the inaugural SCDF LIT Talkshow held virtually on Zoom. Hosted by SCDF’s Digital Transformation Study partner Accenture, the LIT Talkshow aimed to shed light on the future of innovation in SCDF. It also featured special guests, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Ling Young Ern, DC (Future Technology and Public Safety), Colonel (COL) Shaiful Herman, Commander 1st SCDF Division and Major (MAJ) Clara Toh, Course Commander of Civil Defence Academy.


[From left to right] MAJ Clara Toh, COL Shaiful Herman, DC Ling Young Ern and Ulrika Kjellgren Lewis from Accenture Singapore


The LIT Talkshow gave viewers insights into the traits that other innovative organisations value and which might be useful for SCDF’s reimagined innovation journey. These traits such as cross-functional collaboration, thinking like owners, and moving fast help to foster a strong innovation culture. COL Shaiful shared that it was imperative of us to not only share success stories, but also reward and recognise the willingness to experiment without fear of failure. Failure should be perceived as a wealth of lessons and knowledge to help us make more informed decisions in future iterations.


MAJ Clara shared her wealth of experiences in designing and developing innovative solutions. She is currently spearheading the proof-of-concept trials such as the Electronic Staging and Modular HazMat Detector Simulator System, which are both funded under the MHA Innovation Framework. She has been inspired by methodologies like design thinking and agile development to explore how we in SCDF can digitalise operational work processes for better user experiences.


DC Ling stressed on the importance of helping our officers navigate through the vocabulary of emerging technologies. He also highlighted on the need to harness the power of collaboration and cross-functional teams to make information and resources more accessible in The Life Saving Force. This would involve building strong relationships with industry and technology ecosystem partners and co-creating with target users to establish a sense of ownership.


To end off the LIT Talkshow, DC Ling invited all our SCDF officers to join the new LIT Community of Practice, which brings together like-minded individuals keen in picking up new digital skills, namely Application and Website Development, Robotics, Internet-of-Things and 3D Printing, as well as Data Analytics. Community leaders will organise introductory workshops and brainstorming sessions to equip SCDF officers with the basic skills and knowledge to set them on this new journey of exploration!