[With Video] In Conversation with Merdeka Generation Nurse and Former Ambulance Officer — Mdm Tang Lin Yok

December 16, 2019

Mdm Tang Lin Yok

Madam Tang Lin Yok, a 64-year-old Merdeka Generation nurse who is now an Assistant Director of Nursing at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. She has spent more than 40 years of her career with a mission to save lives and preserve the quality of life.


Mdm Tang enrolled into the school of nursing in 1972 at the Singapore General Hospital and graduated in 1975. At the time of her graduation, she was 20 years old.


“At first, I wanted to be a teacher. But I had to pay to enrol at the Teachers Training College, whereas for nursing, after enrolment, I will get monthly allowance which did helped me with my family income at that time,” recalled Mdm Tang when asked about what led her to decide to enrol into a nursing school.


Mdm Tang was also one of the pioneers in the Singapore Fire Brigade (SFB) Ambulance Service who was the first medical responder at accident and emergency sites.


Madam Tang shared with us her day-to-day experience as an Ambulance Officer, and what made her joined the Singapore Fire Brigade Ambulance Service.



Mdm Tang talked about the thrills and challenges of her career, as well as the joy of birthing a newborn and witnessing patients triumphed over their medical adversities.