Pride and Dedication in Every Life Saved

August 26, 2023

SGT2 Nasyaruddin Bin Omarrudin’s journey as a frontliner began during his Full-time National Service (NS), when he was attached to Woodlands Fire Station. He was then serving his NS as an SAF medic. In a twist of fate, he is now back at the same fire station where his story first began, proudly saving lives as an SCDF Paramedic.

Rescue995 recently met SGT2 Nasyaruddin at Woodlands Fire Station and saw how he prepared himself for the daily rigours and demands at work.


Profile Shot of SGT3 NasyaruddinSGT2 Nasyaruddin Bin Omarrudin. PHOTO: SCDF / Thomas Lim


Like his other Emergency Medical Services (EMS) colleagues at the frontlines, SGT2 Nasyaruddin alternates between 12-hour day and night shifts. At the start of his day shift, SGT2 Nasyaruddin walked us through his detailed preparation routine. “As a Paramedic trainee, I was taught the importance of preparation and readiness. Therefore, we always start our pre-shift preparations early, before we commence the actual shift. We will conduct thorough checks on our medical equipment and supplies, the ambulance itself, and our Body Worn Cameras. It is also useful to have a quick chat with the colleagues that we are taking over from, as they may highlight something that they had experienced during their duty, and which we should take note of,” said SGT2 Nasyaruddin.

SGT2 Nasyaruddin is especially particular about the readiness of the lifesaving equipment, such as the Automated External Defibrillator. It is an essential device that can be used to save cardiac arrest patients, monitor blood pressure, and conduct Electrocardiography (ECG) tests.


Picture1SGT2 Nasyaruddin conducting a routine check on his medical equipment before the start of his shift. PHOTO: SCDF / Thomas Lim


Over time, SGT2 Nasyaruddin has also grown as a leader. As he is responsible for his ambulance crew, he is always mindful of their safety and well-being. “As the Paramedic and crew leader, it is my duty to take care of my team, so that they can carry out their duties safely and effectively. When placed in challenging situations, an engaged and prepared crew will work cohesively and definitely perform better,” he pointed out.

Whenever his crew is dispatched for an emergency call, SGT2 Nasyaruddin will make full use of the few minutes while en-route to understand the nature of the emergency, run through the possible scenarios in his head, and prepare his crew accordingly. Recognising that some incidents can be complex and demanding, SGT2 Nasyaruddin stressed the importance of staying calm and collected, and to be prepared for different contingencies. “No two incidents are alike and there will always be unforeseen situations. Nevertheless, good preparation, training and keeping your Paramedic skills and knowledge current, is something that we can always rely on to overcome the challenges that we face.”

SGT2 Nasyaruddin acknowledged that it took him some time to accustom his body clock to the day and night shifts, but he has gotten used to it. “It is important for us to practise self-care and pace ourselves throughout the shift. This enables us to be at our peak condition whenever we respond to emergency calls,” he explained.


SGT3 Nasyaruddin with the OMNIISGT3 Nasyaruddin using the Operational Medical Networks Informatics Integrator (OMNII) tablet, while en-route to a medical emergency. PHOTO: SCDF / Thomas Lim


Swift and critical decision-making is expected of SGT2 Nasyaruddin. “I once attended to a patient who was losing blood rapidly from his severe injuries. Faced with such life-threatening injuries, I had to quickly decide on the appropriate intervention measures. With exceptional team effort, we successfully stemmed the blood loss and stabilised the patient’s condition,” he recounted. SGT2 Nasyaruddin regards experience and reflection as his greatest teachers, helping him to remain calm and composed during challenging incidents. 

SGT2 Nasyaruddin feels that Paramedics must also have the physical and mental resilience to meet the various demands at work. “While this career comes with its fair share of challenges, I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference and impact lives,” he added.

For those aspiring to follow his career path, SGT2 Nasyaruddin has a few words of advice. “Always remember your initial motivation to become a Paramedic. Keep reminding yourself of why you chose this path. It’s a rewarding career where you can make a difference to people’s lives, everyday!”


Rescue995 salutes all SCDF EMS crews for their dedication, grit, and tenacity. Thank you for everything that you do!

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