Meet the Singles of SCDF

February 14, 2024

In this special Valentine’s Day feature by Rescue995, we meet three young SCDF officers who are single (and available)!

When on duty, they are dedicated responders, who are committed to protecting and saving lives and property. Off work, they also look forward to love and companionship, just like everyone else.

Rescue995 went down to Alexandra Fire Station and chatted with SGT2 Elisha Teo Hwee Ting, Paramedic Trainee, SGT3 Izzaz Luqman Bin Zainal, Emergency Medical Technician, and SGT1 Vernon Lee, Section Commander, to know more about their views on love and matters of the heart.

Let’s see what they have to say!


[From left to right] SGT2 Elisha Teo, SGT3 Izzaz Luqman and SGT1 Vernon Lee at Alexandra Fire Station (JPG)[From left to right] SGT2 Elisha Teo, SGT3 Izzaz Luqman and SGT1 Vernon Lee at Alexandra Fire Station. PHOTO: SCDF/Thomas Lim


Rescue995: What is your personal understanding on the concept of love?

SGT1 Vernon: To me, love is the connection and the journey that two people undertake together, with the hopes of marriage in the future. It is a partnership in the truest sense.

SGT2 Elisha:  Love is about acceptance and care, embracing each other’s imperfections, and being there for one another through thick and thin.

SGT3 Izzaz: Love is a complex concoction of feelings, beliefs, and behaviours. It can be baffling and overwhelming, and at times, it is indeed blind.


Rescue995: If you were to have a life partner in the near future, how would your partner be like realistically?

SGT1 Vernon: I am drawn to character over appearance. The heart matters more.

SGT2 Elisha: Someone nice, honest, and trustworthy. That would be just fine for me.

SGT3 Izzaz: Comfort, tolerance, and support. The magical feeling of time flying past when we are together, that is the essence for me.


Our conversation with the young officers soon turned to cherished memories. Vernon recalled how touched he was by a birthday celebration with his ex-girlfriend, in which she crafted a bespoke gift for him, as a token of thoughtful affection.


[From left to right] Our young officers exuding energy and youthfulness in their casual streetwear.[From left to right] Our young officers exuding energy and youthfulness in their casual streetwear. PHOTO: SCDF/Thomas Lim


Rescue995: How do you think singles can spend Valentine’s Day meaningfully?

SGT1 Vernon: I would spend Valentine’s Day with my family, and perhaps have a date with my mother. I would buy flowers to show my appreciation towards her.

SGT2 Elisha: Self-love is important. I would treat myself to a good meal, buy gifts for myself, and spend time with my family and friends. It is important to do something that I love.

SGT3 Izzaz: I would be spending Valentine’s Day just like any other day, such as working on improving myself. Rather than feeling sorry or sad that you are unable to find the right partner, I feel it is much better to use this time for self-improvement, so you can be the best version of yourself for that special someone in the future.


Rescue995: How open are you to date a colleague from within SCDF?

SGT1 Vernon: It takes a lot of discipline and mutual agreement to strike a balance between your love life and personal life. For example, if a couple had an argument the day before, it might affect their performance at work. Therefore, I would generally avoid dating a colleague unless both of us are able to separate work and personal life.

SGT2 Elisha: For me, why not?

SGT3 Izzaz: Likewise, I am open to the possibility of dating a colleague.


As couples celebrate Valentine’s Day, our young officers reminded us that love is truly profound, where self-love, familial bonds, and the potential of workplace romance each have their time and place.

Valentine’s Day is a special day that not only celebrates romantic love, but all forms of love that these brave souls embody. May their days be as rich in love as their lives are in courage, passion and dedication to serve others as part of the lifesaving force!


At the Alexandra Fire Station