EBSC in 2023

Reflecting on a Decade of Resilience and Support in The Life Saving Force

SCDF’s Emergency Behavioural Sciences and CARE Unit (EBSC) was established in 2013, as the pillar of psychological support for SCDF officers. Today, we are pleased to turn back the pages in nostalgia, revisiting the history of psychological services in SCDF, and the highlights from EBSC’s recent 10th anniversary. EBSC’s roots can be traced back to 1995, when the pioneer officers in the Emergency Behaviour Management (EBM) Section introduced resilience training, counselling, and crisis support services to SCDF personnel. This helped promote awareness of traumatic incident stress among frontliners, encouraging them to seek help and take the first steps towards recovery following the encounter with such incidents.

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Operation Lionheart - Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Digital Photobook

Rescue995 Special Edition Digital Photobook — Operation Lionheart: Türkiye-Syria Earthquake

SCDF is honoured to present Operation Lionheart: Türkiye-Syria Earthquake, as a Rescue995 Special Edition for this month. The digital photobook chronicles the courage and resilience of the SCDF Operation Lionheart Contingent, throughout their deployment in the Türkiye-Syria Earthquake in February 2023. The officers worked hand-in-glove with their international counterparts, overcoming the various challenges to bring hope to the affected people of Türkiye.

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Profile Shot of SGT3 Nasyaruddin

Pride and Dedication in Every Life Saved

SGT2 Nasyaruddin Bin Omarrudin’s journey as a frontliner began during his Full-time National Service (NS), when he was attached to Woodlands Fire Station. He was then serving his NS as an SAF medic. In a twist of fate, he is now back at the same fire station where his story first began, proudly saving lives as an SCDF Paramedic. Rescue995 recently met SGT2 Nasyaruddin at Woodlands Fire Station and saw how he prepared himself for the daily rigours and demands at work.

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Onward As One: Singapore’s 58th Birthday

As Singapore marked its 58th year of independence on 9 August 2023, Rescue995 is proud to showcase the dedication of SCDF officers as they trained and prepared for this year's National Day Parade (NDP).

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Residents having hands-on training with fire extinguishers. PHOTO - SCDF : Thomas Lim

Ready, Set, Save! Making Emergency Preparedness fun for all!

Our community’s emergency preparedness and ability to recover from crisis situations are vital to our nation’s safety and security. To this end, SCDF’s officers from the Division Community Engagement Branches (CEBs) serve as the bridge between SCDF and the public. They work tirelessly with various community partners to conduct public outreach events, such as the Community Resilience Day (CR Day) and the Safety & Security Day (S&S Day). Through these events, the public will gain awareness in emergency preparedness and feel empowered to respond effectively, should any emergency occur. Rescue995 spoke to two CEB officers, to understand the remarkable work they have done for the community.

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paramedic training

Inspiring, Mentoring and Nurturing the Next Generation of Paramedics

Rescue995 spoke to Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Carolyn Low, a Principal Course Commander at the National EMS Training Centre (NETC), who oversees Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training in the Civil Defence Academy (CDA). In addition, we also caught up with SGT2 Aiqil Amani Bin Mohammad Syazwan, a Paramedic Specialist who recently passed out as a full-fledged paramedic in January 2023.

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[Left to right] SGT1 Yong Hao, SGT1 Aloysius and LCP Raden.

Heroes Behind the Scenes

As our SCDF frontliners work tirelessly to protect and save lives and property, do you know that there are other unsung heroes who provide essential support to our frontliners from behind the scenes? You may not see them in incident highlights or on the news, but they play a crucial role in supporting SCDF’s lifesaving mission. Rescue995 had an exclusive interview with three full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) from the Corporate Services Hub (West) - CSH (W) and the Corporate Services Hub (East) - CSH (E), to learn more about their experiences in SCDF’s support vocations. Let us take a closer look at their roles and contributions!

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IFFD 2023

Honouring and Remembering SCDF’s Fallen Heroes

Clicking and rustling could be heard in the drill yard of the fire station, as fire helmets were unbuckled and taken off. The firefighters held their helmets firmly tucked under their left arms and a few of them lightly touched the red and blue ribbons that were pinned on their fire jackets. For a moment, the air was silent and still, as the SCDF officers bowed their heads in unison and honoured the emergency responders who have fallen in the line of duty. They may no longer be with us, but their sacrifices will never be forgotten.

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Northstar Epilogue 400x230

Exercise Northstar XI: The Epilogue

On 22 March 2023, more than 300 personnel from various agencies, including the SCDF, Singapore Police Force (SPF), Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), JTC Corporation, ExxonMobil, Keppel Infrastructure, Jurong Port Universal Terminal (JPUT), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Ministry of Health (MOH), and Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX), took part in Exercise Northstar XI at Jurong Island.

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Our People Our Pride

Our People Our Pride: Beyond the Call of Duty

On the evening of 14 April 2023, eager whispers could be heard from the Istana lawn, where over 400 guests had gathered. SCDF officers, volunteers and strategic partners were there for the SCDF Garden Reception, which commemorates SCDF Day, marking the merger of the Singapore Fire Service and SCDF on 15 April 1989. At the same time, SCDF officers who went beyond the call of duty to keep Singapore safe were also given recognition for their dedication and commitment to duty. The event was graced by President Halimah Yacob.

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