Unsung heroes behind SCDF’s logistics support

Behind every lifesaving mission that SCDF responds to, an equally significant group is working quietly behind the scenes. These unsung heroes ensure that our emergency responders are fully equipped and well-prepared to carry out their mission to protect and save lives and property.

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The Steadfast Custodian of SCDF’s History

Mr Segar Suppiah is a custodian of SCDF’s rich history at the CDHG. As a seasoned Heritage Gallery Guide, he brings the artefacts to life with his passion and somewhat serious but unique and engaging way of telling a story. After a career spanning over four decades in the SCDF, Mr. Segar now dedicates his time and energy to preserving the rich history of civil defence in Singapore and presenting it to the public.

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Coastal Cleanups on Sisters' Island and St John's Island

Apart from saving lives at sea, the SCDF Marine Division is also protecting our environment through its coastal cleanup initiatives on Sisters’ Islands and St John’s Island. Rescue995 has put together this photo story to illustrate the SCDF Marine Division's efforts in conserving marine ecosystems on Singapore’s offshore islands.

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Behind the Scenes SCDF's MPU (400x230px)

Behind the Scenes: SCDF's Media Production Unit

If you have been following SCDF on its social media platforms, you might have seen some of these captivating videos. At the heart of these productions resides the creativity and passion of SCDF's Media Production Unit (MPU).

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[From left to right] SGT2 Elisha Teo, SGT3 Izzaz Luqman and SGT1 Vernon Lee at Alexandra Fire Station (JPG)

Meet the Singles of SCDF

In this special Valentine’s Day feature by Rescue995, we meet three young SCDF officers who are single (and available)! Rescue995 went down to Alexandra Fire Station and chatted with SGT2 Elisha Teo Hwee Ting, Paramedic Trainee, SGT3 Izzaz Luqman Bin Zainal, Emergency Medical Technician, and SGT1 Vernon Lee, Section Commander, to know more about their views on love and matters of the heart.

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SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah Binte Mohamed Roslan

From Cabin Crew to Volunteer Lifesaver

You may recall the widely reported story of a cabin crew who saved the life of a cardiac arrest victim at Yew Tee Point. She is none other than Ms Nur Aishah Binte Mohamed Roslan. After the incident, she was inspired to make the move from her aviation career to become a clinic assistant, and at the same time, volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with the Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit (CDAU). Rescue995 met up with SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah to find out more about the experiences that ignited her passion to volunteer with the CDAU.

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Congratulations to our newly commissioned officers from the 28th RCC

Blazing his own path: From volunteer firefighter to career SCDF officer

Meet Lieutenant (LTA) LTA See Jin Kang, who has transitioned from a volunteer firefighter with the Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit (CDAU) to a career officer with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). Together with his batchmates in the 28th RCC, LTA Jin Kang underwent a seven-month training programme at the Civil Defence Academy...

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Our Young Heroes (Horizontal)

Meet our NSFs - Vigil and Voyage with the SCDF

Rescue995 had a candid chat with both full-time National Servicemen (NSFs), understanding their journeys of transformation, and how they have excelled in their respective vocations.

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Our photo with SCDF officers at the Partners Pavilion of the SGFPC

SCDF Ready Week returns after 3 years!

The SCDF Ready Week 2023 is back after a 3-year break from the COVID-19 pandemic. The SCDF Ready Week was made up of a few signature events, which brought about greater cooperation in emergency response and preparedness.

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Sergeant (SGT3) Hatadi Faiz (left) and Lieutenant (LTA) Chia Jingyi (right) at the inaugural SCDF Inter-unit Frisbee Tournament in February 2023

Frisbee Fever in SCDF

Frisbee, a sport that embodies precision, athleticism, and teamwork has gained popularity quickly within SCDF. After a two-year hiatus from the pandemic, Frisbee fever is spreading once again in the Sports & Recreation Guild of Home Team (SPRIGHT).

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