A Role Model for Family

June 19, 2022

Fifteen years ago, on 19 June, MX Munawar bin Zainudin was officially ‘promoted’ to the role of a father with the birth of his first child, A’zizy Mui’zzuddin bin Munawar. What makes this Father’s Day doubly special is that A’zizy’s birthday coincidently falls on the Father’s Day this year!


Picture 1Munawar with his eldest son, A’zizy, whose birthday happens to fall on Father’s Day this year.


Munawar is a familiar face to many in SCDF, having been in the Force for the past 23 years since his Full-time National Service days. As a civilian staff in the Corporate Communications Department (CCD), Munawar oversees Digital Communications within SCDF, to ensure timely dissemination of news and essential information to all staff daily.


Many colleagues know him as a reliable and hardworking staff who never fails to brighten up the day with a bad joke. Oops, did I say bad? I meant Dad joke. As Rescue995 got to know Munawar better through the lens of his two older children, it seems that his approachable and affable character is the core of his close-knitted family too.


When asked how they would describe their father, both sons unanimously agreed that Munawar’s sense of humor was hard to miss. “He can be serious yet humorous depending on the situation, and he often lifts the mood of those around him. He is one of the few people I know who can easily converse with anyone,” says A’zizy, 15.


Picture 2Munawar’s four children also share his passion for baking. Munawar’s children from left to right: Amirul Muadzzam bin Munawar, 5, Aziyyati Marwiyyah binte Munawar, 8, A’zizy Mui’zzuddin bin Munawar, 15, Aneeq Marith bin Munawar, 13


Knowing that their father contributes to the meaningful work in The Life Saving Force makes them very proud of him.  


“Back when they were younger, they would sometimes get excited when they see an ambulance or a fire engine and they would exclaim, “Daddy, that’s where you work, right? You work in SCDF, right?””, shared Munawar. Now that his children are slightly older, Munawar would share more about his various working experiences in SCDF with his children.


With his long-serving dedication to the Life Saving Force, it is not surprising to know that his two older children, A’zizy and Aneeq, have decided to join the National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC) as their Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) in school. NCDCC is a National Uniformed Group that commits to developing and empowering youths to be active citizens trained with life-saving skills like basic firefighting and first-aid knowledge.


Picture 3Munawar’s sons, Aneeq (far left) and A’zizy (far right) both chose to join NCDCC as their CCA in school.


A’zizy’s decision to join NCDCC which is under the purview of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) was not by coincidence. During the pre-COVID days, A’zizy occasionally accompanied his father to weekly house visits with a representative from the Woodlands Community Centre where they conducted surveys with residents regarding SGSecure awareness, their level of emergency readiness and understanding of basic first aid and firefighting. It was through these visits with his father that A’zizy gained a better understanding of what the Home Team and SCDF do which shaped his desire to join a CCA that trains him adequately to respond in the event of an emergency. His younger brother, Aneeq, 13, also joined the NCDCC soon after.


A’zizy, the eldest of four children, is selected to represent his school’s NCDCC marching contingent for this year’s National Day Parade (NDP). Munawar’s pride in his son’s involvement is unmistakable, as A’zizy shared how his father would constantly remind him to iron his uniform neatly and polish his boots before every rehearsal.


“I hope they pay attention during their NCDCC training and learn how to react and respond during an emergency, whether at home or in public. I also hope that they know what their uniform stands for and feel proud to be a part of The Life Saving Force,” said Munawar.


Beyond his family, Munawar also serves as an inspiration and exemplary role model to many in the SCDF, if his long list of awards is anything to go by. Stacked up and kept humbly in a closed cabinet, he retrieved his medals and certificates that he received over the years.


Picture 4An impressive display of awards received by Munawar over the years


In 2005 at the inaugural SCDF Service Excellence (Platinum & Gold) Award, Munawar was one of the two recipients to receive the Platinum Award for having commendable and a consistent track record, and for receiving at least one compliment yearly on service excellence for the previous three consecutive years. Over the years, even when working in different SCDF departments and performing different work functions, he consistently excelled in his work and contributed meaningfully to the lifesaving mission of SCDF.


As we celebrate Father’s Day, Munawar reflected on his fatherhood and acknowledged that the journey has not always been easy, especially when he is the sole breadwinner of the family.


“Fatherhood to me, is all about taking responsibility for your children's wellbeing and setting your priorities right. My family will always come first. I am grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to care and show love to my four children, and I hope they will grow up to become exemplary citizens, and for each of them to become a better parent for their own children in future.”


Munawar has truly shown us what it means to ‘bloom where you are planted’, striving and giving his best in everything that he does, be it at home or at work.


Happy Father’s Day to Munawar and to all fathers out there! May you continue to be a guiding light for your children and younger colleagues in SCDF.





Bonus question to A’zizy and Aneeq: What would you like to say to your dad this Father’s Day? 

A’zizy: Happy Father's Day to you! I am grateful for everything that you have done for us ever since we were born. Thank you.

Aneeq: Happy Father's Day! Thank you for being a loving and caring father. Father’s Day is a good day for us to repay you for all the things you have done for us. Thank you for being a fun father. I love you.