Sergeant (V) Jean Yves is a new volunteer firefighter in the Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit

Frenchman’s Journey to becoming a Volunteer Firefighter

Meet SGT1 (V) Jean Yves, a newly minted volunteer firefighter in the Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit (CDAU) who works full-time in a pharmaceutical company. SGT1 (V) Jean is French and became a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) in 2020 after spending 12 years on the sunny island pursuing his doctorate (PhD) in Bioengineering, juggling a full-time career and starting his family. To him, Singapore is more than just a home and he is now proudly serving the nation by volunteering his time in the CDAU as a firefighter.

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NS Give Back: Protecting Our Environment and Giving Back to Local Community

Since 1967, National Service (NS) has become an accepted rite of passage for all male citizens and Permanent Residents of Singapore. In SCDF, besides training to protect and save lives and property, NS has also incorporated its focus on sustainability and giving back to the community. In commemoration of 55 years of National Service (NS55), Rescue995 has put together a collage of the NS55 Ground-up Initiatives (GUI) on sustainability that we have accomplished for the year.

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Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son

Do you believe that being a lifesaver such as a firefighter or an elite Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) rescuer runs in the family? When one becomes a member of the Lifesaving Force, they become attached to the camaraderie, the thrill and challenges of every mission they are activated for. When their families see how passionate they are in their profession, it piques their interest and thus begins a new “family business” of emergency services.

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Group Photo In Front of THK SCC Signage

When Lifesaving Meets Caregiving

On 25 October 2022, in commemoration of 55 years of National Service (NS55), the Civil Resources Unit (CRU) under SCDF’s Logistics Department, partnered with Thye Hua Kwan Senior Care Centre @ Kaki Bukit (THKSCC) to organise a charity event with the theme “When Lifesaving Meets Caregiving”. The SCDF Operational Ready National Servicemen (ORNSmen) from CRU HQ, Bravo Company, served as SCDF’s charity ambassadors and passionately contributed their time and efforts during the event.

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Touching Lives in The Life Saving Force

The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world in every aspect of life. Apart from physical health concerns, the pandemic has also greatly affected the mental health of the general population. This is especially true for our heroes at the frontline who have to deal with the higher risk of exposure to the virus, and face tremendous amount of pressure and mental stress from the increased workload due to the COVID-19 virus and its variants. In commemoration of the World Mental Health Day held annually on 10 October, Rescue 995 met up with two SCDF Paracounsellors to find out more on what inspired them to take up this meaningful role of rendering psychological care and emotional support to their fellow frontliners.

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HTTC Trainers CPT Aloysius Foo and WO2 Siti Mariam Binte Othman

Moulding New Generations of Marine Specialists

The Civil Defence Academy’s (CDA) enduring philosophy “Train as we Operate” is deeply entrenched in SCDF officers. This is especially so for SCDF’s trainers at the Home Team Tactical Centre (HTTC) where there are various purpose-built training simulators, such as ORCA, a simulator specially designed to provide realistic marine firefighting and rescue simulations and scenarios for trainees.

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Senior Warrant Officer (SWO1) John Curren

Keeping the Music Alive

Formed in 2002, the SCDF Combo band have been providing music performances at major events such as the SCDF Pride and Care Day Ceremony, Singapore-Global Firefighters & Paramedics Challenge (SGFPC), at the Home Team Festival and at various awards ceremonies.

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SSG Azmi (Horizontal)

The Unsung Heroes of the Force

You would have heard about SCDF’s emergency responders at the frontlines responding to emergencies to protect and save lives and property. But do you know there is a team that is working tirelessly behind the scenes managing resources and providing logistics support for smooth and effective runs of courses at the Civil Defence Academy (CDA)? These unsung heroes are none other than the team of dedicated staff at the Corporate Services Hub (West). We recently met up with Staff Sergeant (SSG) Azmi Bin Abdul Samad, an Operations Logistics Specialist (OLS) and Sergeant 1 (SGT1) (NSF) Muhammad Saufi Bin Hussain, a Senior Info-communications Assistant from Corporate Services Hub West [CSH(W)]. Both SSG Azmi and SGT1 (NSF) Saufi play a pivotal role in providing critical support functions that contributes to the mission success of SCDF.

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CPL (NCDCC) A’zizy (fourth cadet in the extreme right) marching with pride during a rehearsal; SWO1 Hayatu’llah (extreme right) was the trainer for the NCDCC contingent

Marching On Stronger, Together!

For the first time in two years since the COVID-19 pandemic, the nation celebrated its 57th year of independence with a full-scale National Day Parade (NDP22). In preparation for NDP22, the marching contingents started sharpening their foot drills since 7 May at the Seletar Camp. Combined rehearsals for the ceremonial parade were subsequently held at the Marina Bay floating platform from June 2022 onwards. Rescue 995 interviewed two chief trainers for the SCDF and National Civil Defence Cadet Corp (NCDCC) marching contingents, as well as a student cadet from the NCDCC marching contingent, who shared their memorable experiences in being part of this year’s National Day celebration.

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SWO (RET) Selamat Abdul Jalil

Retired Veteran of the Lifesaving Force: Mentoring Abroad

Meet SWO (RET) Selamat Abdul Jalil spent over two decades of his life as a firefighter and five years as a Senior Instructor at SCDF’s Civil Defence Academy (CDA). During his posting at CDA, he provided Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) training not only to local firefighters, but also to international trainees from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. In 2014, he began a new chapter in his post-retirement career as a Tactical Advisor at the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Academy (ADCDA). Rescue 995 caught up with him through a virtual call this month and engaged him in an exclusive interview on his experiences at ADCDA as well as his memorable postings in SCDF.

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