Rescue995 Digital Photobook — Joint Operational Exercise @ Singapore Cable Car

November 30, 2023

Joint Operational Exercise @ Singapore Cable Car

In a recent joint exercise, SCDF’s elite Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) and officers from 1st SCDF Division and Brani Marine Fire Station, partnered with Mount Faber Leisure Group and Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, to simulate a ‘rescue’ of ‘passengers’ from cable car cabins near Harbourfront Station and Selegu Tower.

Rescue995 is proud to announce the publication of a photobook capturing this extraordinary exercise. Filled with stunning visuals, the photobook gives readers an appreciation of how SCDF will conduct a rescue operation, should it be required. Experience the intensity, teamwork, and precision of the simulated ‘rescue’ operation through these captivating images in Rescue995's latest photobook here.