Encik Agayle (Retired)

In Conversation with SCDF Legend — Encik Agayle (Part 2)

In a previous e-article of Rescue 995, SWO (RET) Mohd Salleh Bin Ali, affectionately and commonly known as Encik Agayle, walked us down the memory lane of his life as a firefighter and trainer in the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for the past 45 years. In this second and final part article, Encik Agayle recalled some of the major incidents which he had responded to during the early days of his career.

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Queenstown HeartSavers

HeartSavers Saved the Day for Lengkok Bahru Residents

The Queenstown HeartSavers Connect, together with SCDF firefighters and police officers, evacuated about 60 residents from the 7th to the 16th floor when a fire broke out in a kitchen of a HDB unit at Lengkok Bahru on the evening of 16 April 2020. No one was injured.

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CPT Amelia in a role-playing exercise during the course as she presented a situation report to the ‘UN Secretary General’

ACE Stellar Awardee Wants To Be There For Disaster-Stricken Communities

CPT Amelia Lim, a graduate from the AHA Centre Executive (ACE) Programme in November 2019, was one of the three outstanding participants who were awarded the ACE Stellar Award. For this programme’s intake, CPT Amelia is the only Singaporean among 18 representatives from the 10 Asean countries. She is also the first female SCDF officer to be a member of the Asean Emergency Response and Assessment Team and a certified leader in disaster management.

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Tuas Ave 18

Fire from the Ground: The Hungry Blaze and the Firefighters

It was close to bedtime when a fire blazed through Tuas Avenue, engulfing an entire warehouse, about 5-storey in height, trailing through the drains - a scene straight out of a movie scene.

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Frontliners share their experience during a COVID-19 crisis

Tale from a Frontline Crew During A COVID-19 Crisis

On a Wednesday afternoon, 19 February 2020, SCDF received a call for a medical emergency incident at Yishun Polyclinic. Forgoing their lunch, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel from Yishun Fire Station swung into action. Within minutes, the crew arrived at the scene donned in their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and attended to the patient.

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Changi Airport Temp Screening


Bright eyed, excited and freshly minted LTA (NSF) Aveek Goswami reported for duty on his first day keen to learn and do a good job in leading a platoon of men as a Rota Commander in SCDF’s Special Rescue Unit (SRU). He has heard much about SRU and how it was recognised as the crack troops of SCDF. The SRU specialises in decontamination, large fire and rescue operations and mass casualty ambulance conveyance. It is always ready 24/7.

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Tuas Crescent 4

From the Fire Ground: “The Blazing Dawn at Tuas Crescent”

At 5.57am on 11 December 2019, SCDF received a call on a fire at No. 48 Tuas Crescent. Mere streets away from the incident, the personnel from Rota 2 of Tuas Fire Station swung into action. A thick column of black smoke rising into the still dark sky marked their destination. Within four minutes of the fire being reported, SCDF was at the scene.

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Lessons Learnt from the Thai Cave Rescue

On 21 November 2019, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) organised the inaugural First Responders Safety & Performance Symposium (FRSPS) at the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre. Temasek Foundation was SCDF’s strategic partner for this symposium. Concurrently, SCDF co-curated the academic programme for this symposium with its knowledge partner, the Department of Physiology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS).

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04a A Day in a Life of Volunteer Fire and Rescue Specialist

A Day in the Life of a Volunteer Fire and Rescue Specialist

Volunteer Fire and Rescue Specialist (FRS), LTA (V) Lin Jiawei, 27, together with his colleagues from the Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit (CDAU), fought the massive Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) facility fire at Jalan Buroh on the Friday evening of 21 June 2019. As he approached the scorching heat and thick smoke that blurred his vision momentarily, Jiawei recalled hearing the loud sound of explosions and the sight of flying LPG canisters. “To be honest, I was afraid of the scale of fire and the danger it posed,” said Jiawei. “However, it was my duty as a trained FRS to put out the fire, I had to put aside my fear no matter what and confront the inferno.” Read more of the article here...

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From the Fire Ground - Fire in 5th floor unit. Someone trapped inside

From the Fire Ground: “Fire in 5th floor unit. Someone trapped inside.”

“Fire in 5th floor unit. Someone trapped inside.” That was the message routed to the Rota on shift at Jurong Fire Station on the night of 18th August 2019. Two fire bikes, two fire engines, a Red Rhino and a combined platform ladder were immediately dispatched to the scene at Block 158 Yung Loh Road. Read more of this story here...

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