FF1 and FF2

Farewell My Friends

The ringing of aft bells from SCDF’s vessels and the final water salute marked the end of service for the Force’s two longest-serving vessels, the Marine Fire Vessels (MFVs) dubbed Firefighter I and Firefighter II. The two MFVs, formerly known as Api Api 1 and Api Api 2, had operated under the ownership of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) until 2012 when they were transferred to SCDF. They were refurbished and renamed as Firefighter I and Firefighter II in 2013. Since then, the vessels have been deployed in numerous firefighting and rescue operations of the Life Saving Force.

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Evolution of SCDF Ambulance

The Evolution of SCDF’s Ambulances

In mid-April 2021, the new seventh-generation ambulance was unveiled at the SCDF’s annual work plan seminar. The seventh-generation ambulance is designed to tackle both present and future pre-hospital emergency challenges. To be better prepared for future pandemics, an automatic decontamination mist-spray system is built into the vehicle. It sprays non-toxic and non-corrosive disinfectant to decontaminate the ambulance in 20 minutes with the press of a button. The ambulance also utilises solar-power and intelligent charging system to increase operational readiness and flexibility especially during off-site deployments. Other features include a modular equipment storage system and an electronic pulley-controlled loading and unloading system for stretchers that reduces the risk of accidental drop. The new ambulance is a collaboration between SCDF and the Home Team Science and Technology Agency.

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Then and Now

In Conversation with SCDF Legend — Encik Agayle (Part 1)

Meet SWO (RET) Md Salleh Bin Ali who has spent over 40 years of his life as a fireman and trainer in the Singapore Civil Defence Force. At 62 years of age, he is a member of the Merdeka Generation – Singaporeans born in the 1950s – honoured for their contributions to nation building.

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Cake cutting ceremony to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the station

Celebrating a Decade of Service for the SCDF

On 4th January 2020, Banyan Fire Station held its 10th year anniversary which coincided with its official operationalisation date exactly a decade ago. The event commemorates past contributions of the pioneer batches of Banyan Fire Station personnel, as well as to celebrate the current achievements of the present serving personnel.

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Mdm Tang Lin Yok

[With Video] In Conversation with Merdeka Generation Nurse and Former Ambulance Officer — Mdm Tang Lin Yok

Madam Tang Lin Yok, a 64-year-old Merdeka Generation nurse who is now an Assistant Director of Nursing at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. She has spent more than 40 years of her career with a mission to save lives and preserve the quality of life.

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International Exchange of Best Practices

From 18 to 20 November 2019, SCDF organised the International Elite Rescuers Exchange (IERE) Workshop at the Home Team Tactical Centre. In this three-day event, emergency services personnel from different countries gathered for a fruitful exchange of training skills and knowledge. Participants were engaged through various exercises to gain insights into one another’s modus operandi.

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Singapore-Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge 2019

The Singapore-Global Firefighters and Paramedic Challenge (SGFPC) 2019, held in conjunction with the Home Team Festival, is an annual event where sportsmanship and camaraderie thrive amongst representatives of emergency services from around the globe.

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SCDF Parade 2019

On 23 November 2019, the SCDF Parade was jointly held with the Singapore-Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge (SGFPC) at the Singapore Expo Convention Hall. The SCDF Parade highlighted the development and importance of Civil Defence in Singapore.

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08a 3 New Commissioned Vessels to Boost SCDFs Marine Firefighting Capability

[With Video] 3 New Commissioned Vessels to Boost SCDF’s Marine Firefighting Capability

On 20 August 2019, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) commissioned three new marine firefighting vessels. The commissioning ceremony was witnessed by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs & Minister for Law. Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Shanmugam said the new vessels will further enhance SCDF’s marine firefighting capabilities. At the press briefing, Assistant Commissioner (AC) Derek Tan, Commander of the SCDF Marine Division, said that with the addition of the three new vessels, the SCDF Marine Division currently has a total of eight firefighting vessels in its fleet and also more could be added in the future. Read more about the new marine firefighting vessels here...

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Singapore Celebrates Bicentennial: Featuring SCDF’s First Volunteer Marching Contingent

On 9th August this year, the National Day Parade (NDP) returned to the Padang as Singapore commemorated its bicentennial since its founding in 1819. For the first time, the NDP featured a combined-volunteer marching contingent from the three uniformed services and this is indeed apt as this year also marks the nation's 150th year of civil defence volunteerism.

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