Singapore-Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge 2019

December 16, 2019

The Singapore-Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge (SGFPC) 2019, held in conjunction with the Home Team Festival, is an annual event where sportsmanship and camaraderie thrive amongst representatives of emergency services from around the globe.


The event provides opportunities for emergency responders from SCDF, our international counterparts and even the community, such as the Company Emergency Response Teams (CERT), National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC), CD Lionhearters, Community Emergency and Engagement Committee (C2E) and Community Emergency Response Teams to pit their operational skills, fitness and teamwork against each other.





The SGFPC originally evolved from the Civil Defence Skills Competition, which was first organised in 1993 at the Civil Defence School, Nee Soon Camp. The event’s initial objective was to promote unit camaraderie and to raise SCDF’s emergency response skills through competitions involving fire, rescue, Hazardous Materials mitigation and trauma management scenarios. The Civil Defence Skills Competition gradually grew in scale when international participants from other fire and rescue services were involved to share their skills, knowledge and expertise, and to foster closer ties among the civil defence and fire rescue fraternity. It was renamed and rebranded to become the SGFPC in 2012.


Today, the SGPFC continues its emphasis on developing strong global networks and sharing of knowledge between emergency responders locally and worldwide.


The Global Challenge

This year, to create a more seamless and exciting game flow amongst the participants and spectators, the Mixed Reality (MR) component was introduced into the Rip-It-Off (RIO) and the new Fire-Medical Challenge.


Braveheart (Individual Challenge)

An 8-stage challenge to test an individual’s strength, agility, skills and more importantly, their mental endurance. This high speed and adrenaline-pumped challenge is the flagship event for SGFPC.



Braveheart Individual Challenge


Rip-It-Off (Service Challenge)

Based on a road traffic accident scenario, contestants will be judged based on their on-site assessment, command & control, vehicle stabilisation, extrication techniques and medical intervention proficiency.


The team that completes the challenge in the fastest timing without breaching any safety rules will emerge victorious.



Rip-It-Off Challenge


Braveheart (Mixed Team Challenge)

The challenge bears resemblance to the Braveheart (Individual) Challenge with medical components included. The 12-men team formed by members from all participating organisations are required to complete the various tasks in the fastest timing while ensuring the safety of all team members and the casualty. Teamwork and coordination is essential in this challenge.



Braveheart Mixed-Team Challenge


SGFPC Memento

This year, members of the public who came to support the SGFPC and the Home Team Festival had a chance to redeem a limited-edition souvenir at one of our booths. The toy souvenir is a Rapid Response Fire Vessel named the White Swordfish.



Members of the public queueing up to redeem the limited-edition souvenir.



Thousands of this limited-edition toy souvenir (White Swordfish) were redeemed at the 2019 SGFPC.