Onward As One: Singapore’s 58th Birthday

August 11, 2023


The SCDF marching contingent at the National Day Parade. The contingent is led by CPT Moy Hong, a Course Commander at the Civil Defence Academy. PHOTO: SCDF


As Singapore marked its 58th year of independence on 9 August 2023, Rescue995 is proud to showcase the dedication of SCDF officers as they trained and prepared for this year's National Day Parade (NDP).



The NDP marching contingents honing their drills during one of their rehearsals. PHOTO: SCDF


This year, SCDF’s marching contingent was made up of more than 40 officers from HQ SCDF, the Civil Defence Academy, the four Land Divisions and SCDF Marine Division. 44 cadets and 2 Cadet Lieutenants from across 23 schools also came together to form the National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC) marching contingent. Over a period of about 4 months, they dedicated numerous hours to the rehearsals, honing their drill standards and coordination with other contingents, to ensure a spectacular display at the NDP. This year holds particular significance for Senior Warrant Officer (SWO2) Hasanuddin Bin Johar, as this is his final year as the Chief Trainer of the SCDF marching contingent before he retires. SWO2 Hasanuddin was presented with a token of appreciation, in recognition of his invaluable contributions to the NDP legacy for 17 years. 



SWO2 Hasanuddin received a token of appreciation for his 17 years of dedicated service to the NDP marching contingent. PHOTO: SCDF

When Rescue995 asked SWO2 Hasanuddin if he had any well-wishes for the nation, he said without hesitation, “May Singapore continue to punch above its weight. Always keep the ethos of the National Pledge alive. Happy Birthday Singapore!” 


He added, “Watching our marching contingents train hard and improve throughout the rehearsal months will always be my fondest memory as the Chief Trainer. Our contingent has also received several compliments from other organisations throughout the rehearsals. This is only possible due to the hard work of our trainers, marching contingent and the logistics team – whose support ensured that our people were well taken care of throughout the months of rehearsals. The credit should go to them too!” 




The SCDF and NCDCC marching contingents saluting during the parade. The NCDCC contingent was led by Cadet Lieutenant Qurratu’aini Binte Rudy, from Millenia Institute. PHOTO: SCDF



The trainers for SCDF’s NDP marching contingent [From left to right] WO2 Nasir Bin Ahmad, Field Instructor, NCDCC; Lieutenant (LTA) Shuhrawardi Bin Hussain, Discipline & Security Officer (DSO) Marine Division; LTA Mohamad Rafi Abdul Majid, HQ DSO; SWO2 Hasanuddin Bin Johar, DSO 4th Division; SWO Hayatu’llah Bin Noordin, DSO 3rd Division; LTA Phua Wee Lik, DSO 1st Division, and LTA Ambo Rahmat Bin Mohammad, DSO 2nd Division. [Not in photo] LTA Zakariyah Bin Abrahim, DSO CDA. PHOTO: SCDF


The other SCDF trainers chimed in with their well-wishes.

“Working with NDP Trainers from other agencies to execute the drills with precision was challenging, but also very fulfilling. I was proud to see the contingent master the Compressed Air Foam (CAF) gun drills and put on a good show in front of the nation,” remarked LTA Shuhrawardi. “Happy National Day Singapore! May the nation attain greater heights! Onward As One!”

LTA Zakariyah also shared his thoughts, “The spirit of our SCDF contingent and all NDP participants was truly moving and a sight to behold! I am grateful and honoured to be a part of this special moment!”



SCDF’s trainers helping the marching contingent to perfect their drills during rehearsals. PHOTO: SCDF


SWO2 Hasnuddin knows that while his time as a NDP trainer has come to an end, the future will be in good hands, as the younger DSOs have stepped up to play more prominent roles in the rehearsals over the last few years.  


A few hours before the NDP, Commissioner Eric Yap met up with the SCDF and NCDCC marching contingents to thank them for their hard work and commitment in preparing for the special day.



Commissioner Eric Yap addressing the SCDF and NCDCC marching contingents before the parade. PHOTO: SCDF



Group photo with SCDF marching contingent. PHOTO: SCDF



Group photo with NCDCC marching contingent. PHOTO: SCDF



Group photo with the Total Defence Display drive past contingent. PHOTO: SCDF



Commissioner Eric Yap engaging officers who were on contingency standby for the NDP.  These officers were from SCDF, the Singapore Armed Forces, and the Ministry of Health. PHOTO: SCDF



This year's parade was not only a display of Singapore’s capabilities and cultural heritage, but also a reflection of the nation’s journey, challenges, and triumphs. The theme 'Onward As One' resonates deeply with everyone, highlighting the importance of unity and the collective strength of our people in overcoming the challenges of our times.


During NDP23, SCDF’s 6th Generation Light Fire Attack Vehicle (LF6G) made its debut appearance, joining the lineup of vehicles from the SAF and SPF in the Total Defence Display drive past segment.  The LF6G heralds in a new concept of firefighting operations, configured for a 3-crew concept of operations and complemented by the 2nd Generation Red Rhino Robot (3R 2.0).  As the smallest firefighting robot in SCDF, the 3R 2.0 can manoeuvre easily in confined spaces.  It is equipped with a thermal imaging camera and is capable of streaming footage from the incident site, allowing crews to assess the situation from a safe distance.    



The 6th Generation Light Fire Attack Vehicle (front) making its debut appearance in NDP23. PHOTO: SCDF



SCDF’s 7th Generation ambulance has been serving members of the public for the past two years since its rollout. PHOTO: SCDF



The 5th generation pump ladder at the Total Defence Display drive past. PHOTO: SCDF


As the fireworks lit up the sky and the chorus of songs echoed throughout The Padang, we remember our forefathers, the unsung heroes who dedicated their lives to building Singapore.  Let us uphold their legacy and shape our shared future together!


Rescue995 wishes all Singaporeans a Happy National Day!