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    Fire Engine / Ambulance

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  • 995

    Fire Engine / Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance

Interactive Tools


To make learning CD Survival Skills and Procedures more interactive and hands-on for the participants, concerted effort has been made to improve on the Public Education materials and tools used to make training more interesting and engaging. Examples of such interactive tools/simulators are as follows:


In-place Protection (IPP) Training Simulator

The 4 IPP training simulators at each CD Divisions come with 2 simulated bedrooms rooms with attached toilets and different types of windows (louvre, sliding, and casement), door, air-con unit and exhaust fan for the participants to have a realistic hands-on training on the proper sealing of the rooms. Other features include the smoke generator to release the smoke when the sealing is completed, buzzer which is set to alarm a minute before the time is up for the sealing and exhaust fans to clear the smoke for the subsequent classes.


Mobile Tremorlator

The Mobile Tremorlator is a joint project by the SCDF, Singapore Polytechnic and ST Kinetics aimed at educating the public on proper measures to take during and after tremors.

Mounted on a retro-fitted heavy vehicle, the tremor simulator on wheels goes right into the heartlands to reach out to members of the community.

Through the simulation, the public will get to witness and experience the effects of tremors while learning the proper measures to take e.g.:

- Seeking shelter under a sturdy desk to avoid being hit by falling objects
- Keeping calm and evacuating only when obvious structural defects such as cracks in the walls appear
- Tuning in to the radio for more information and updates on the tremors


The Mobile Tremorlator is deployed at Emergency Preparedness Days and other public education events.


Public Warning System (PWS) Simulator

The Public Warning System (PWS) simulator is an initiative by the SCDF to familiarize the members public with the 3 different PWS signals.It enables the public to listen to the three different types of public warning signal and contains advisories on what to do if the members of public were to hear such signals. There is also a test button where the public can test their knowledge on the three signals. The PWS simulator can be found in all HQ CD divisions and will be deployed during SCDF's Emergency Preparedness (EP) days and exhibitions.