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Rise in Harassment Cases for SCDF Emergency Responders
04 February 2022

In 2021, emergency responders from the Singapore Civil Defence  Force (SCDF) encountered 29 reported verbal and/or physical harassment cases in the course of their duties – the highest in the last six years. With an  increase of 12 reported harassment cases from 2020 to 2021, SCDF is  looking at a total of 140 such cases with an average of about 23 cases per  year from 2016 to 2021. 

Harassment Cases in Recent Years 

2. The table below highlights five recent harassment cases as  experienced by SCDF frontline officers during their life saving mission.


Case Details 


On 21 July 2020, a patient became  aggressive when the ambulance crew  was about to commence further medical  assessment on him. The patient not only  challenged a crew member to a fight but  also unzipped his pants to reveal his  genital, and even peed on the crew  member’s right boot.

12 months and 3  weeks 


On 3 September 2020, a patient suddenly became aggressive and threw  punches at a female ambulance crew.  The latter was hit on her chest by one of  the punches. The patient had also  attempted to spit at her.

8 months 


3On 25 April 2021, a patient hurled  vulgarity at an ambulance crew member  and pointed his middle finger at another.1 month and 3 days  imprisonment.
4On 25 May 2021, a patient first shouted at the ambulance crew and subsequently  kicked a crew member’s lower abdomen,  kicked a second crew member’s leg, and  scratched a third crew member’s arm. 5 months and 1  week imprisonment.
5On 2 October 2021, an uncooperative  patient suddenly became hostile, hurled  vulgarities at the ambulance crew and  even punched a crew member’s face.4 months, 2 weeks  and 3 days  imprisonment.


“By and large, members of the public deeply appreciate what our emergency  responders do daily. Unfortunately, there is a minority who will verbally or even  physically harass them.  

Our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) officers always have the public’s interest and safety at heart but these unacceptable behaviors by some can be  a hindrance to the patients’ pre-hospital care management and may adversely  affect the much-needed medical intervention for the patients. 

While the SCDF EMS remain steadfast and committed to provide the best  possible care for our patients, any form of harassment of our emergency  responders will not be tolerated and we will not hesitate to report it to the police.  

Our emergency responders deserve to be working in a safe environment where they can carry out their duties to the best they could in protecting and saving lives and property.” 


Assistant Commissioner Yong Meng Wah 

Director Emergency Medical Services 

Singapore Civil Defence Force