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    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

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    Non-Emergency Ambulance

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  • 995

    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance


SCDF-KV Resources

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Introduction to Cloud Computing

For the hackathon, you will need a technology platform to build your solutions with! Here are some useful videos that will allow students to have a better grasp of Cloud Computing.

Useful datasets

For students who are exploring solutions that harness wide datasets of information for analytics or data science, here are some open datasets that you cold explore:

Singapore Open Datasets

Global Open Datasets

Module 1 - Tutorials

No matter your coding experience, Developer Advocates from our partner, IBM, has curated some documents to get you started.

You may access these resources (and more) on our official website here.

For those who are new to coding, the beginner tutorial serves as a step-by step guide on how you can use technology from IBM Cloud to build impactful solutions. For advanced developers, we have also included some useful code patterns for you to explore.

More extensive video tutorials will be uploaded from 18 May onwards.

*Please note that you will need to set up a free account with IBM Cloud as well as GitHub before accessing the services. Should you have any questions about the tutorials, do direct them to the Slack group (link in email).

Module 2 - Sharing of SCDF Videos

The videos here will serve as a starting point for you to learn about SCDF's work. You are encouraged to learn more by participating in our week long immersion program from 1st June - 5th June 2020. You can find out more under 'Module 3 - SCDF Virtual Immersion Program'.

Our Guardians: Singapore Civil Defence Force

SCDF Workplan Seminar 2019

SCDF Workplan Seminar 2018

SCDF Workplan Seminar 2017

Module 3 - SCDF Virtual Immersion Program

The immersion will be held using Facebook Live. You may request to join the Facebook group here.

1st June


Overview of SCDF


CPT V Nisha and LTA Zul Yang

Topic discussed

1) SCDF and its Roles and Functions

2nd June


Use of Future Technologies for Future Challenges


CPT Teo Sim Joo and CPT Leon Yip

Topic discussed

1) Future Challenges – the New Normal for Emergency Response in Singapore

2) Showcase of Innovations

3rd June


Future of Training


LTA Ng Kai Yong and LTA Jadyn Toh

Topic discussed

1) Responder Performance Centre

2) National Emergency Medical Services

3) Training Centre Use of Mixed Reality in Training

4th June


Marine Technology and Capability


LTA Sheryl Sia and LTA James Lim

Topic discussed

1)Introduction to Marine Division

2) Showcase of New Vessels and their Engineering Features

5th June


Innovating for Corporate Communications


CPT Adam Osman and LTA Lina Chan

Topic discussed

1)SCDF’s Principles and Key Strategies in Working with the Media

2) Evolution of SCDF Social Media

Inspiring winners from SCDF's past challenges

Past Winners' Sharing | SCDF X IBM Lifesavers' Innovation Challenge: Call for Code 2020

In this video, two past winners share their experiences and useful tips in the two hackathons.

Zul Yang was the winner of Call for Code 2019 and is currently serving as a Rota Commander in SCDF. Zul and his team built a fully working solution – Emergency Voice Assistant (EVA) –which is a Cognitive Robo-Caller Service that automates the process of responding to 995 emergency calls. His solution included the usage of Artificial Intelligence and sentiment analysis. 

Adam Idris Lim was the first runner up of Lifesavers’ Innovation Challenge 2018, and had served as a firefighter during his National Service. Adam and his team created an Internet of Things (IoT) device to track and broadcast firefighters’ air consumption outside of the danger zone in real time.

More references from IBM's past winners (Global)

Project Owl

Inspired by the images they saw of the devastation in Puerto Rico last year following Hurricane Maria, the team behind Project Owl sought to create a mechanism for first responders to stay connected in times of disaster.

Project Lantern

The Lantern, a keychain-sized device, serves as a pop-up communication hub for disaster recovery over an offline, wireless network. With customizable web apps to receive news, ask for help, and volunteer, as well as a map tool to guide users to shelters, fresh water, and fuel, the Lantern is designed to keep communities organized in pivotal moments of need.

Project Prometeo

Prometeo is a cognitive platform that takes care of firefighter health and safety in real-time and over the long-term using sensors, monitoring, IoT and machine learning.

For enquiries related to the challenge, please contact us @ 1800 382 0000 during office hours

(Monday to Thursday: 8.30am - 6.00pm, Friday: 8.30am - 5.30pm)