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  • 995

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Frequently Asked Questions


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Here are some of the answers you might want to know.

Are team members required to be in the same Year or studying in the same Faculty?

No, students are free to decide on the team composition as long as there are 3 members in each team.

Are we allowed to change team members during the competition?

If changes to team members are required due to valid reasons, it will be subjected to the Organiser’s approval.

Who can participate in this competition?

All undergraduates from all local universities are able to participate in the competition.

I’m relatively unfamiliar with the SCDF and am unsure of what it does. Will my team be able to do well in this competition?

Upon submission of the introductory essay, shortlisted teams will be invited to attend an Immersion Programme at HQ SCDF where they are able to gain insights into the work of the SCDF, including operational challenges and issues faced. During the programme, students can better understand the actual scope of the case, interact with various stakeholders, and seek advice on their proposal.

Is there a template for the PowerPoint slides for the proposal?

There is no definite template for the proposal. However, teams are advised to adhere closely to the proposal guidelines specified.

What is the evaluation criteria for the proposal?

Teams will be assessed primarily on their concept, creativity and proposed implementation plans.

Last Updated: 05 May 2018

For enquiries related to the Innovation Challenge, please contact us @ 1800 382 0000 or e-mail us.