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  • 995

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2022 Winners


RankTeam NameInstitutionIdea
1InnomateSMU, NUSTo tackle the high cognitive workload of paramedics, Innomate aims to assist paramedics with the use of natural language processing to track multiple bits of information and generate unique case notes for referencing.
2TAGARNTU, SMU, SIMPredictive Diagnosis Assistant is an application that leverage the use of AI and neural networks to accurately predict possible scenarios and provide optimised treatment plans.
3Dexter and FriendsNTU, NUSWith the combined use of machine learning, speech recognition and smart storage, Chiron aim to reduce the stress level and assist inexperienced paramedics in times of emergency.
4Monkeys of NTUNTUTo further engage the community, the team plans to leverage IoT sensors and AI imaging capabilities for quick detection. Upon detection, the community first responders are the activated through the MyResponder application as the first line of defence.
5Engineering LoversSPBy encompassing AI into the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) database, it reduces the likelihood of incorrect administration of drugs. Also, the use of speech-to-text and video analytics removes the need for manual processing of information.
Inaugural Partnership with Dell Opening Address by DC Teong DC sharing his comments 2 Sharing of Demo 1st Place_Innomate 2nd Place_Tagar 3rd Place_Dexter and Friends 4th Place_Monkeys of NTU 5th Place_Engineering Lovers





2021 Winners


RankTeam NameInstitutionIdea
1SevioursSUTDWhile the adoption of electric vehicles seems inevitable, the risks of high voltage charging should not be neglected. With IOT sensors, AI, and automation, SEV charger is a smart EV charger that enables early response to high voltage charging fire.
2Team ClutchNUS, NTU, UCLMy Keeper looks after our paramedics' mental health. This is done via anonymous communication between paramedics and EBSC. Also, we monitor stress related vitals so that EBSC can reach out to paramedics in need quickly, increasing their resilience.
3Spoke For FolksNTUMySuit is a reusable and smart PPE, and it tackles problems of current PPE. It has ventilation/cooling features, hydration tubes and IoT sensors to maximize comfort and efficiency. It optimizes work performance and provides confidence for responders.
4Team SCDFNYPSensornet aims to enhance the capability and resilience of SCDF, allowing it to respond better, faster and more efficiently. Our goal is to translate volumes of time-sensitive data into actionable intelligence using an integrated sensor platform.
5Simp TechnologySP, TPUse of Artificial Intelligence to achieve a data-based, predictive maintenance platform, with which maintenance of the SCDF Fleet of vehicles can be carried out.
6Plan ASMUSmart emergency application integrated with cloud, emphasizing on quicker assessment and response. A centralized dashboard comprising of features such as status and occupancy load to increase accuracy and access to timely information for evaluation.
WhatsApp Image 2021-06-28 at 11.40.32 AM Team 'Seviour' SIMP TECHNOLOGY Team Clutch Spoke for Folks DC Teong How Hwa Team SCDF




2020 Winners

1st-Prize-Winner_Dr-Watson-from-SMU-Ms-Natasha-Kwan 2ndPrizeWinner_bad_with_names_fromSUTD_withDCTeong 3rdPrizeWinner_Circuit-Solver-NTU_withDCTeong IGChallengeWinner_Gobbless_DCTeong 1st-Prize-Winner_Dr-Watson-from-SMU-with-DC-Teong 2ndPrizeWinner_bad_with_names_fromSUTD_withNatashaKwan 3rdPrizeWinner_Circuit-Solver-NTU_withNatshaKwan 4thPrizeWinner_Team-Bumblebee-NUS_NatashaKwan 5thPrizeWinner_Willpower-NUS-CarnegieMellonUni-PekingUni-TsinghuaUni_NatashaKwan 4thPrizeWinner_Team-Bumblebee-NUS_DCTeong 5thPrizeWinner_Willpower-NUS-CarnegieMellonUni-PekingUni-TsinghuaUni_DCTeong IGChallengeWinner_SCDForYou_DCTeong




2019 Winners

Badger silveRed MoFiFi Project HeartBeat Limitless




2018 Winners

Grand Finals 1 Grand Finals 2 GOH Group Photo 1 GOH Presentation 2 Immersion Programme 2 Immersion Programme 1

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