• 995

    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance

  • Fire Hazard Reporting

    1800 280 0000

  • General Enquiries

    1800 286 5555

  • 995

    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance


Fire Safety


General Fire Safety Tips

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Procedures to Operate a Fire Extinguisher FS_PASS





Procedures to Operate a Hose Reel

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Why Do Kitchen Fires Happen?

Such fires occur due to one or a combination of the following reasons:

  • Overheating oil in a pan, until such point that the oil gets hot enough to self-ignite
  • Leaving cooking unattended
    • Unattended cooking is one of the top 3 causes of fire in residential premises in Singapore.
    • Never leave cooking unattended even for a short moment, for other activities such as answering a phone call.
  • Putting raw food with water (i.e. washed vegetables) into a heated pan of oil


What should you do if your wok/cookware catches fire at home? 

In the event of a kitchen stove fire:

  • Keep calm and assess the fire. If the fire is too large, call 995 immediately
  • If the fire is manageable, cover wok with lid or large damp towel COMPLETELY to extinguish the fire



Procedures to Extinguish a Kitchen Fire



  • Turn off the gas supply immediately
  • Cover the wok/cookware with a lid or large damp towel(s)
  • Use a dry powder fire extinguisher
  • Call 995 for SCDF assistance if the fire goes out of control
  • Pour water into the wok/cookware
  • Use a water-based fire extinguisher
  • Attempt to move the wok/cookware
  • Use an ill-fitting lid, or a small towel






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