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  • 995

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Save-A-Life Initiative


What Is It?

A Community Effort to Increase Survival Rates of Cardiac Arrest.


How Is It Done?

Three-Pronged Approach:

  1. The "Hardware"
  2. The "Heartware"
  3. The "Software"


The "Hardware"

AEDs in HDBs 

  • Enhance Community First Response in the residential heartlands
  • 1 AED installed at the lift lobby of every 2 HDB blocks
  • Island-wide installation of AEDs at the lift lobbies completed in Feb 2019
  • Installation will be done for the new HDB BTO blocks once the Police cameras (PolCams) are operational


AED At Lift Lobby With 3D Signage 


Directional AED Signage At Nearby Lift Lobbies



Prominent AED Signage Outside HDB Blocks


The "Heartware"

Application of D.A.R.E Concept


Important Facts:

The survival rate of witnessed Out-of-Hospital

Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) cases in Singapore is about 23%.


With early CPR & Defibrillation, the chances of survival

increases by two times or more!


If CPR is not started within 4-6 mins,

BRAIN DAMAGE starts to set in!


Programme is run by the Unit for Pre-hospital Emergency Care (UPEC) under the Ministry of Health and supported by the SCDF.


Common Concerns

Will I cause more harm?

  • A person in cardiac arrest is clinically dead. CPR cannot worsen the condition, it can help.
  • Breaking ribs may occur during CPR, especially in older persons, but it is better than dying from not being helped.

Do I need to do Mouth to Mouth Breathing?

  • If you are trained, confident and willing, you should do it.
  • Otherwise, follow the dispatcher’s instructions to perform Hands-only CPR


The "Software"


myResponder App



myResponder is an application by SCDF to alert members of the public to nearby fire and medical cases, and thereby save lives and increase the survival rate for OHCA, as well as mitigate minor fires in the first few critical minutes. 

It is a joint collaboration With GovTech (formerly IDA) under the Smart Nation Programme.

It has attained 12 awards for innovation & excellence since Apr 2015.


myResponder app (Medical Module)

Every second matters!

Chances of survival drop by 7% to 10% every minute without CPR intervention.

Bystander CPR doubles the survival rates.

We can improve the survival rate of cardiac arrest victims via:

  • EARLY  NOTIFICATION  to SCDF 995 call centre through mobile phone geolocation;
  • EARLY CPR by trained Community First Responders; and
  • EARLY DEFIBRILLATION with publicly accessible AEDs.

myResponder app (Fire Module)

Each year, SCDF responds to more than 1,000 rubbish fires. These fires are small with no risk of spreading and can be easily put out by members of the public.

We can help to put out such fires by using extinguishing mediums such as containers of water or a fire extinguisher. 

By putting out a minor fire, we can help prevent further damage and keep our neighbourhood fire safe.

This will also free up SCDF’s resources to attend to life-threatening cases.


Features of the app



Examples of successful cardiac arrest stories

 myR news article 1 myR news article 2




Where do I download the “myResponder” App?

App StoreGoogle Play Store



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