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  • 995

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Senior FSM Course 2018
23 April 2018

The 6th run of Senior FSM course will be conducted from 14 May to 24 May 2018 (No class on Sat & Sun) from 9am to 6pm @ Civil Defence Academy (101 Jalan Bahar). 

The Senior FSM course is designed to train Fire Safety Managers that will be appointed as Senior Fire Safety Managers in complex premises. Participants will be introduced to topics such as evacuation dynamics, performance based fire safety and fire risk assessment.

There will be a written examination at the end of the course.

We are inviting applications from interested FSMs to attend this course. All certified FSM in the e-FSM Portal will be eligible to register for the course. Do note that 3 years working experience as Fire Safety Manager will be required before a SFSM can be appointed to a complex building subsequently.

For those interested in the Senior FSM course, please register via the link provided https://eservices.scdf.gov.sg/ecsr/frontend/registration/initGetCourses.do?reload=true&courseType=C no later than 27 April 2018.

Registration opens on the 23 April 18 at 10am. Entry into the course will be on the first come, first served basis.

For registration matters you may contact CDA at SCDF_CDA@scdf.gov.sg DID: 67945502/67945606

For enquiries pertaining to the Senior FSM course you may email to Jason_SOH@scdf.gov.sg

The course fee is $769.33 including GST.


Last Updated: 17 April 2018