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  • 995

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Paramedic Officer

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As a Paramedic Officer (Direct-Entry Lieutenant), you will join the ranks and be groomed to take on leadership roles in a heartwarming team, which courageously protects and saves lives for a selfless cause. You will be involved in paramedicine policy development and projects, and lead in operations to keep Singapore safe.


To equip you with the knowledge and skills to be a paramedic in the SCDF, you will undergo a paramedicine course which will include a full-time one-year course in Paramedicine at Nanyang Polytechnic and four-month of training with SCDF’s Emergency Medical Services.

After qualifying as an operational paramedic, you will train with other officer cadets in SCDF to further develop your leadership skills, and gain basic incident management, fire, rescue, and Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) knowledge, to be commissioned as an Officer in the SCDF.


You will first undertake a ground leadership appointment, as an Emergency Medical Services Shift Commander, at a fire station to cement your clinical and crew-management skills as a paramedic while leading your peers.

You will subsequently have the opportunity to do staff or instructional appointments in various departments in SCDF, which will expose you to policy development, training, operations planning and many other facets which will help develop you as an all-rounded Paramedic Officer

You will also have opportunities for higher Command appointments at the stations and Divisions, and will eventually be groomed to take up senior leadership positions in the organisation.


With effect from 1st November 2022, the salary range is $4,800 - $5,143. Indicative salary for fresh graduates. Additional increments may be given for relevant work experience and completion of full-time National Service.

Sign-On Bonus

From 1st November 2023, newly appointed Direct-Entry Lieutenants will receive a Sign-On Bonus of $15,000 upon confirmation in service.


  • Diploma in Paramedicine
  • Paramedic Level 3 Certified, with advancement opportunity to Level 4
  • Sponsorship Opportunity for Postgraduate Study/Advanced Diploma in Paramedicine
  • Advanced Diploma in Emergency Response and Incident Management
  • SwimSafer 1 Certification
  • Leave entitlement
    • 18 - 21 days vacation leave
    • 14 days of medical leave, or 60 days with hospitalisation
    • 12 days of annual study leave (subject to approval)
  • Comprehensive group insurance scheme
  • Marriage / Childbirth benefits
  • Subsidised medical and dental treatment
  • Retention and retirement benefits


Strategic Payment Scheme

New officers can look forward to cash payouts of 3 months (CPT and below) and 2.5 months (MAJ and above) quantum upon reaching their 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 20th, and 25th year in service.

INVEST Retirement Package

As a uniformed officer, you will be eligible for retirement benefits under the INVEST Scheme. A contribution of 13.25% of your gross salary will also be credited monthly into your retirement account starting from your fifth year of service. These contributions will be invested to earn investment returns, and can be withdrawn in full upon retirement.