• 995

    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance

  • Fire Hazard Reporting

    1800 280 0000

  • General Enquiries

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  • 995

    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

  • 1777

    Non-Emergency Ambulance

Fire & Rescue Specialist

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As a Fire and Rescue Specialist, you will respond to emergency incidents and assume the role of the incident commander. You will conduct firefighting & rescue operations, fire safety enforcement and fire investigation.



You will undergo a 5-month residential Section Commander Course (SCC) that allows you to develop specialised skills in fire fighting, rescue techniques and HazMat mitigation. Trainees will also undergo leadership development segments aimed at honing their man-management skills.



After completing the SCC, you will be posted as a Section Commander at a fire station where you will lead a team in responding to emergencies and incidents. This will enable you to obtain valuable operational experience and team leadership skills.

Subsequent postings may expose you to command (e.g. Deputy Rota Commander at a fire station) or specialist functions (e.g. HazMat, Fire Investigation and Enforcement).


Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART)

These elite officers handle complex rescue and firefighting incidents. From scaling towering heights to cutting through obstacles to reach victims, their skills are vital in urban search and rescue height and confined space operations and water rescue.

Hazardous Material

Using cutting-edge technology, these officers get into deadly situations to detect and neutralise toxic threats to secure public safety.

Marine Command

Utilising state-of-the-art marine fire and rescue vessels, this unit has the sole responsibility for fire fighting in the world’s busiest port, and saving lives at sea.


Fulfil your National Service liability by serving 5 years as a regular Direct-Entry Sergeant (FRS), and still draw full salary and benefits. Pre-enlistees should apply 3 months before your enlistment date.

Sign-On Bonus

From 1 November 2023, Direct-Entry Sergeants (SGT1/SGT2) will receive a Sign-On Bonus of $30,000 upon confirmation in service.



With effect from 1st November 2022, the salary range is $2,547 - $2,753. Indicative salary for fresh graduates. Additional increments may be given for relevant work experience and completion of full-time National Service.


  • Class 3 License with opportunity to acquire Class 2, Class 4 and Class 5
  • Certificate of Attainment for “Respond to Fire Emergency in Buildings” and “Respond to Fire and HazMat Emergency”
  • Fire Safety Manager Certificate
  • Basic First Aid & CPR-AED Certified
  • SwimSafer 1 Certified
  • Leave entitlement
    • 14 - 18 days vacation leave
    • 14 days of medical leave, or 60 days with hospitalisation
    • 12 days of annual study leave (subject to approval)
  • Comprehensive group insurance scheme
  • Marriage / Child birth benefits
  • Subsidised medical and dental treatment
  • Retention and retirement benefits


Strategic Payment Scheme

New officers can look forward to cash payouts of 3 months (LTA and below) quantum upon reaching their 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 20th, and 25th year in service.

INVEST Retirement Package

As a uniformed officer, you will be eligible for retirement benefits under the INVEST Scheme. A contribution of 7.75% of your gross salary will be credited monthly into your retirement account starting from your fifth year of service. These contributions will be invested to earn investment returns, and can be withdrawn in full upon retirement.