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  • 995

    Fire Engine/ Ambulance

  • 1777

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Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEPP)



With effect from November 2016, SCDF's signature five-modular Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEPP) has been streamlined into a three-tier structured programme.


The content of the CEPP is also trimmed to focus on core lifesaving skills and essential emergency procedures with greater emphasis on practical hands-on engagements.


This will aid participants' understanding, improve their memory retention and most importantly, allow them to practically apply what they have learnt to help others during emergencies.


Previous CEPP

Revised CEPP-w.e.f Nov 2016

Module 1: First Aid
Module 2: One-Man CPR & AED
Module 3: Fire Safety & Casualty Evacuation
Module 4: Emergency Procedures
Module 5: Terrorism

'I AM SAFE' Programme (e-learning)
"LIFESAVER" Programme


Revised CEPP Syllabus

"I AM SAFE" Programme (approximately 15 minutes)

This e-learning programme focuses on two key topics:

  • What do you do when a fire breaks out?
  • Improvised First Aid Skills (IFAS)

Click HERE to access the programme and receive an e-certificate upon successful completion.

"RESPONSE READY" Programme (approximately 3 .5 hours)

Participants will learn basic Emergency Preparedness (EP) knowledge. The main focus of this programme will be on the practical hands-on training on three vital EP skills known as the "Triangle of Life" (first aid, CPR-AED and firefighting).

  • Overview of SGSecure
  • Essential EP knowledge
  • First Aid
    • Roles of a First Aider and Scene Safety
    • Contents of First Aid Kit
    • Burns, Wounds and Bleeding Management
    • Sprain Management
    • Choking
    • Application of D.A.R.E concept
    • Save-A-Life initiative
  • Fire Fighting
    • Procedures of operating a fire extinguisher and a hose reel

'LIFESAVER' Programme (approximately  4 hours)

As a follow up to the "RESPONSE READY" programme, participants will learn the following comprehensive lifesaving skills as well as advanced EP knowledge namely:

  • First Aid (enhanced)
    • Immobilising fractures
    • Handling of fits
    • Recognising the signs and symptoms of stroke
    • 1-Man CPR-AED (including mouth-to-mouth resuscitation)
    • 2-Men CPR
    • Infant CPR
  • Fire Safety & Evacuation and Procedures
    • Triangle of Combustion
    • Classes of Fire
    • Refresher on Fire Extinguisher and Hose-reel operating procedures
    • Methods of casualty evacuation
    • Evacuation procedures in typical HDB residential estates & super high-rise residential buildings
  • Emergency Procedures
    • In Place Protection Procedures
    • Knowledge on Public Warning System (PWS) Sirens
    • Decontamination Procedures


Registration for "RESPONSE READY"/ "LIFESAVER" programme.

To register for the programmes, you can contact one of the 4 CD Division HQs nearest to your office/home.


Feedback / Queries

For feedback or queries, please call 6848 1525 or email to Wu_Qianhui@scdf.gov.sg

Last Updated: 15 May 2018