Please be informed that the SCDF e-Services have moved to a new URL. Please follow the links in the e-Services page and update your bookmarks accordingly.

With effect from 30 March 2019, mySCDF app was taken offline and its functions integrated to myResponder app. Users will now have a more streamlined experience for fire hazard reporting, public education and community first response on a single platform.


Please be informed that the SCDF e-Services have moved to a new URL. Please follow the links in the e-Services page and update your bookmarks accordingly.

With effect from 30 March 2019, mySCDF app was taken offline and its functions integrated to myResponder app. Users will now have a more streamlined experience for fire hazard reporting, public education and community first response on a single platform.

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20 March20 CD Lionhearters from Nanyang Polytechnic and ITE College Central provided First Aid assistance for Heartland Chingay 2015
21 March

Launch of Home Team Neighbourhood Active Responder Programme (NEAR)

This is a collaboration among the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), the Singapore Police Force (SPF), People"s Association and Tampines East and West constituencies to help the community organise itself to take greater ownership for its security and emergency response.
11 AprilNCDCC 10th Anniversary Parade held at the Home Team Academy.
15 AprilSCDF PRIDE and CARE Dining-In
16 April

Civil Defence Lionhearter Forum 2015 - SCDF Youth Community First Responders: Towards A Nation Of Lifesavers


Opening Performance by ITE College East Sand Animation Club

  • To highlight the theme for this year"s forum and SCDF"s vision of "A Nation of Lifesavers", 6 students from the ITE College East Sand Animation Club will perform a sand animation themed "A Nation of Lifesavers".            

Presentation by ITE College Central and ITE College East CD Lionhearters

  • This session provides an opportunity for the CD Lionhearters who have embarked on the recent overseas humanitarian rebuilding project to Padang, Indonesia to share about their experience with the other CD Lionhearters. Last year, ITE College Central and ITE College East went on a joint expedition to Padang, Indonesia. It marks the inaugural joint expedition by two CD Lionhearter Clubs. The presentation will be done by Mr Jason Tan from ITE College Central together with his team mates Ms Jolene Ng and Mr Ong Wei Jie from ITE College East.

Presentation of the CD Lionhearter Study Bursary Award 2015 and Outstanding CD Lionhearter Award 2015

  • As has been a tradition in the annual CD Lionhearter forum, this year"s forum will similarly witness the traditional presentation of the CD Lionhearter Bursary Study Award 2015 and the Outstanding CD Lionhearter Award 2015.
  • This year, we have two additional sponsors on board for the CD Lionhearter Study Bursary 2015 other than our staunch supporter City Gas Pte Ltd. The Association of Company Emergency Response Teams (Singapore), known as A-CERTS for short and the Fire Safety Managers" Association (Singapore), known as FSMAS for short, have kindly stepped forward to provide sponsorship for the CD Lionhearter Study Bursary. Each sponsor has generously agreed to sponsor $7000 to reward them for their good academic achievements (GPA-based) and active contributions to the club. A total of 42 CD Lionhearters will each receive a bursary award of $500.
  • For the Outstanding CD Lionhearter Award 2015, a certificate of recognition will be presented to each of the 14 CD Lionhearters for their outstanding leadership and contributions to the CD Lionhearter movement, including participation in Mercy Relief"s Overseas Humanitarian Rebuilding Projects.
17 AprilSCDF Work Plan Seminar 2015
26 April

Operation Lionheart (Nepal, Earthquake)

The Home Team deployed a total of 126 officers to Nepal to carry out search & rescue and recovery operations and to provide humanitarian aid. This is the Home Team"s largest ever deployment for an overseas disaster relief operation. The contingent comprised 66 SPF officers (including Gurkha officers) and 60 SCDF officers. The SCDF contingent was led by LTC Alvin Tan Commander 3rd SCDF Division

  • The Home Team worked as a collective unit to help those affected in Nepal. We cooperated closely with the Nepalese authorities and other international assistance teams to carry out a range of disaster relief operations and provide relief through medical assistance and the distribution of water and basic food items.
  • The contingent"s initial phase of operations involved search & rescue and recovery efforts in Kathmandu. In the recovery phase, the contingent provided medical assistance in Gorkha, treating several persons (22) for injuries and medical conditions arising from the earthquake. The contingent also assisted in the heli-evacuation of some (7) casualties and conducted humanitarian operations in Gorkha, which was assessed to be in urgent need of assistance considering its proximity to the earthquake"s epicentre.
2 MayAlexandra Fire Station Carnival
9 MayThe Operation Lionheart (Nepal, Earthquake) returned to Singapore.
9 May

Exercise Northstar 9

Exercise Northstar is a series of exercises first introduced in 1997 to validate our multi-agency emergency response plans. In testing the readiness and co-ordination between national agencies in responding to major emergencies and countering terrorist threats, the exercise serves to raise public awareness on the threat of terrorism and to encourage continued vigilance. The exercise also serves to highlight and raise awareness of the Whole-of-Government response framework that Singapore has put in place to safeguard our national security and our ability to recover quickly from a crisis should an incident occur.


The planning of Exercise Northstar 9 involves 15 agencies and it will be held at the Singapore Sports Hub, including Kallang Wave Mall. Exercise Northstar 9 will culminate with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong"s visit to the Ground Deployment Exercise on the 9 May 2015, which will involve about 600 officers from seven key agencies (SCDF, SPF, SAF, SMRT, MOH, LTA & DTZ)1.


Exercise Northstar 9 is the first exercise to involve volunteers as participants. 1,300 of them will be taking on different exercise roles in the various scenarios. The volunteers comprise Civil Defence Lionhearter Club members, PA Youth Movement members, students, Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit officers and SCDF civilian staff and their families.
June20th Anniversary of Fire Investigation Unit
30 June

Graduation Ceremony of the first CDAU Firefighting Course

The inaugural CDAU Firefighting Course commenced on 3 March 2015 and was conducted over a span of 15 Weeks (note: Course took 16 weeks to complete as there was an extension of 1 week (to 16 weeks) due to the Passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Northstar 9)


14 people took part in the course but 3 withdrew mid-way. A total of 11 participants graduated from the course. Going forward, these graduates will be deployed alongside our firefighting crew as Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit (CDAU) officers in the fire stations and respond to real firefighting and rescue incidents.


Apart from firefighting, there are six other vocations in the CDAU namely the Emergency Medical Services, Public Education, Community Involvement, Enforcement, Heritage Gallery Guide and Expertise Group.  For your information, prior to this inaugural course, only volunteer applicants with the requisite skills, for e.g., former NSF firefighters or personnel from firefighting industry, can be considered for the CDAU firefighting vocation.  Now, volunteers who have no prior firefighting training or experience can join SCDF as a volunteer firefighter by going through the 15-week VFFC.


This batch of Volunteer Firefighters is also the first in the history of Singapore.

Year 2015

With effect from 2015, 15th April will be designated as SCDF Day and celebrated with the SCDF Day Dining-In.


Why 15th April as SCDF Day"

15th April has significant historical meaning to SCDF.  On 15th April 1989, the Singapore Fire Service and Civil Defence Force were merged to form the present-day SCDF.  Being the founding date and origin of SCDF, the decision was made to celebrate SCDF Day on 15th April with the SCDF Day Dining-In ceremony.  Commemorating SCDF Day together with the Dining-In ceremony would serve as a platform to reinforce our commitment to SCDF, as well as to celebrate our core values of Pride and Care.


What about the traditional SCDF Day Parade"

As SCDF Day will now be observed on 15th April, the traditional parade will be renamed as "SCDF Parade" and be held together with the Singapore Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge (SGFPC) every year.  Holding both events together at an external venue will help to generate public interest in SGFPC and raise SCDF"s profile.


This year, the SCDF Parade and SGFPC will be held together with the Home Team Festival in November 2015.  For subsequent years, these two events would be held during a suitable time of the year, taking other Force events into account.


The Home Team Festival is a bi-annual event that showcases the good work done by our Home Team officers.  Being a proud member of the Home Team, SCDF is honoured to hold these two major Force events, the SCDF Parade and SGFPC, in conjunction with the Home Team Festival.

30 September

The Fire Safety Manager (FSM) regulations under the Fire Safety Act were amended to require buildings that fit into the category of "specified complex premises" to have a Senior FSM.  The effective date of this amendment is on 30th Sept 2015 and a total of 52 premises (shown in Table 1 below) will be affected by this new requirement.


Owners of the said premises have been informed of the amendment since 2013 and their Fire Safety Managers (FSM) have all attended the Senior FSM course at the CDA. In addition, the SCDF Central Enforcement Unit had also issued email notifications to the various industries on multiple occasions to inform them of this requirement and the availability of the Senior FSM Course held once yearly since 2013.


The amendments to the regulation were also published on 1st July 2015 on the AGC Website (Singapore Statues Online) for public access. Click here to look at the 52 premises that were subjected to amended regulations
2 November

The ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response (AADMER) came into force in December 2009 with the objective of establishing and enhancing regional cooperation in responding to disasters and reducing disaster losses in the region. Since its establishment, the AADMER Work Programme laid a strong foundation in enabling the ASEAN Member States to successfully implement several key initiatives, such as the establishment of the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on disaster management (AHA Centre) in November 2011.


With the conclusion of the five-year AADMER Work Programme in December 2015, the ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management (ACDM) organized the Post-2015 AADMER Strategic Policy Dialogue to chart the way forward for the next five years.


The Dialogue was graced by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Law. The event was initiated by the SCDF and ASEA Secretariat and attended by more than 70 officials from the various ASEAN Member States, including the Secretary General of ASEAN, Mr Le Luong Minh and former Secretary-Generals of ASEAN.
27 November

Launch of the SMRT-Temasek AED on Wheels programme

Launched at the SMRT Sports and Recreation Club and graced by Minister Chan Chun Sing, Minister, Prime Minister"s Office and Secretary-General of the National rade Union Congress, this initiative is led by SMRT Taxis and Temasek Cares, supported by SCDF, Singapore Heart Foundation, National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council and the National Taxi Association.
12 " 13 DecemberSCDF Shelter Open House at Bukit Panjang, Tan Kah Kee and Beauty World MRT Stations


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