Please be informed that the SCDF e-Services have moved to a new URL. Please follow the links in the e-Services page and update your bookmarks accordingly.

With effect from 30 March 2019, mySCDF app was taken offline and its functions integrated to myResponder app. Users will now have a more streamlined experience for fire hazard reporting, public education and community first response on a single platform.


Please be informed that the SCDF e-Services have moved to a new URL. Please follow the links in the e-Services page and update your bookmarks accordingly.

With effect from 30 March 2019, mySCDF app was taken offline and its functions integrated to myResponder app. Users will now have a more streamlined experience for fire hazard reporting, public education and community first response on a single platform.

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  • 995

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6 Feb 2014

SCDF"s 19th Fire Station, Tuas View Fire Station (TVFS) commenced operations. TVFS will complement the current Tuas Fire Station in providing comprehensive emergency response coverage to the area.


The Fire station is led by MAJ Kenneth Mak, under the command of 4th SCDF Division HQ. With this development, SCDF emergency services is now provided through an island-wide network of 19 fire stations and 29 fire posts.

26 Mar 2014

Civil Defence Academy Celebrates 15th Anniversary

3 Apr 2014

SCDF "Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS)"renamed to "Emergency Medical Services (EMS)"


Over the years, the SCDF has introduced several initiatives to improve our emergency medical response.  These include the introduction of the Paramedic scheme, Fire Bikes equipped with AED and the Fire and Rescue Specialist " Emergency Medical Technician (FRS-EMT) scheme.  The name "Emergency Ambulance Service" however does not accurately reflect the depth and breadth of the enhanced medical services provided by the SCDF.


The new name "Emergency Medical Services" aptly reflects the enhancements made to the profession of the SCDF medical fraternity, instead of making reference to a specific vehicle i.e. the ambulance.  The new name "Emergency Medical Services" is also aligned with international norms and is widely used by overseas emergency response services to refer to the provision of out-of-hospital acute medical care, paramedic service and ambulance service.
16 Apr 2014

A 4-part series was incorporated as part of the daily evening news on Channel 5 (9:30PM) and Channel News Asia (10PM) from 17- 20 April. The interview features 2nd SCDF Division, Commander, LTC Kadir Maideen on his experience as DART Commander during the Nicoll Highway Incident.

The interview was included in the series on Friday, 18 April.

17 Apr 2014

SCDF Workplan Seminar 2014 - Transformation through People, Innovation & Partnership


The SCDF Workplan Seminar 2013 was held at the ITE College Central. The Guest-of-Honour for the event was Mr. Masagos Zulkifli Bin Masagos Mohamad, Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs. The event was attended by about 1000 guests and participants comprising GPC members, MHA and Home Team senior staff, Community Emergency and Engagement Committee (C2E) members, National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC) Board of Directors and SCDF personnel.


The theme for this year"s Workplan Seminar is "Transformation through People, Innovation and Partnership."  This focuses on SCDF"s continuous pursuit of developing the potential of its people, leveraging technology to innovate and forging community partnership to better serve the public and deal with future challenges.


The Unmanned Fire-fighting Machine (UFM) is a versatile fire-fighting unit built to operate under extreme conditions as well as complex and hazardous environment. It can be deployed for a variety of fire-fighting operations such as for the ventilation of a smoke-logged area using high velocity airflow, and fire-fighting using intense water mist, jet or foam. It is designed to easily tap water directly from the hydrant or even open-sources such as reservoirs and swimming pools.


By July this year, a total of 4 UFM will be strategically deployed across the island at 4 fire stations namely, Jurong Island Fire Station, Yishun Fire Station, Changi Fire Station and Jurong Fire Station.


Automated Casualty Conveyance System (ACCS)

The Automated Casualty Conveyance System (ACCS) is able to facilitate quick continuous conveyance of non-ambulatory casualties from point to point for e.g. during a chemical incident, casualties can be swiftly conveyed from the personnel decontamination point to the first aid point.  The ACCS can be easily deployed by 2 rescuers and can transport casualties at a speed of 2m/s (normal manual conveyance speed is about 1m/s).


An automated conveyance equipment that complements the ACCS is the motorised SESTO Light Transport. It has an autonomous line following feature that allows it to travel along a predetermined route as indicated using a coloured tape or paint.  In addition, the SESTO Light Transport also comes with in-built sensors that allow it to stop automatically when obstructions are detected.  With a payload of about 150kg, it is strong enough to be used for casualty and equipment conveyance thereby reducing manpower.


Emergency Preparedness Centre (EPC)

Coming your way in mid-2014, the Emergency Preparedness Centre (EPC) is located at Central Fire Station. It houses state-of-the-art simulators and interactive exhibits on Emergency Preparedness. Comprising interactive exhibits and realistic simulators, the EPC is built for the purpose of imparting emergency preparedness knowledge and skills to the public.  Visitors to the EPC will be able to pick up a variety of skills and knowledge which includes first aid, CPR, fire safety and also what to do during an emergency such as in times of war, terrorism and even natural disasters.
27 Apr 2014The Unmanned Firefighting Machine was deployed for the first time to a factory fire incident that occurred in Tuas.
04 May 2014

The International Firefighters" Day (IFFD) was commemorated for the first time by the SCDF. The commemoration took place at Fire Stations across the island. During the morning role call, personnel on duty wore the symbolic blue and red ribbons on their chest and observed a minute of silence in memory of, and respect for, all emergency responders who have been lost in the line of duty.


The IFFD ribbons are linked to colours symbolic of the main elements firefighters work with " red for fire and blue for water. These colours are also internationally recognized as representing emergency service.
4 Jun 2014

The SCDF Marine Command (CDMC) Brani Base commenced operations. Located at 19 Brani Way, CDMC Brani Base is home to the Division HQ of CDMC and Brani Marine Fire Station (Station 82). Brani Base will complement the existing West Coast Marine Fire Station to provide an enhanced marine fire emergency coverage within Singapore Waters.


CDMC is commanded by LTC Derek Tan, while Brani Marine Fire Station is led by CPT Leow Tian Soon. With this development, the SCDF emergency services are now provided through an island-wide network of 20 fire stations and 29 fire posts.

23 Jul 2014

Changes in Number of IPPT Stations:


The new IPPT which is applicable for SCDF, will be reduced from the current five stations to three:


  • 2.4km run
  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
24 Jul 2014

SCDF"s 19th Fire Station, Tuas View Fire Station (TVFS) was officially opened on Thursday, 24 July 2014 by Mr S Iswaran, Minister in Prime Minister"s Office, Second Minister for Home Affairs and Second Minister for Trade and Industry.


The 4000 square-metre TVFS is strategically located within the Tuas View Industrial Estate to complement the neighbouring Tuas Fire Station in providing comprehensive emergency response coverage to the area.


TVFS is the 5th HazMat fire station and has a fleet of 9 emergency vehicles, comprising fire fighting and specialized HazMat appliances. With this latest development, SCDF emergency services will be provided through an island-wide network of 20 fire stations and 29 fire posts. The 20th Fire Station is Brani Marine Fire Station which commenced operations in June 2014.
9 Aug 2014First appearance of the Unmanned Firefighting Machine at the National Day Parade.
13 Sep 2014

Launch of the new Fire Badge during the SCDF Day Parade

Launch of the SCDF MC Badge - This badge is worn by SCDF personnel who are trained to perform bridge watchkeeping as well as navigation officer duties after passing the Bridge Watchkeeping Officer Course.  A minimum qualification of Steersman is also required.

15 Sep 2014Operational Date of the 4th Generation Red Rhino
29 Sep 2014Operational Date of the SCDF Marine Command Brani Base.
15 Oct 2014

Re-crafted Core Values


PRIDE " We take pride in saving lives and property.


We uphold high standards of professionalism in achieving our mission in protecting and saving lives & property.


We perform our duties with high standards of integrity based on principles of incorruptibility and accountability.


We will seek excellence relentlessly to provide better service and deliver greater value to the public.



CARE " We care for our people and those we serve.


We value our people as a strategic asset and seek to create a work environment in which mutual respect and care of our people is our topmost priority.


We are part of the community whom we serve, and therefore will care and serve the public with empathy.

31 Oct 2014
  1. SCDF Social Media Evolution
    • leverage on trending, popular topics/discussion to gain mileage for EP messages .
    • Adopted a more light hearted, and conversational tone to better connect with Netizens.
    • Use of high quality pictures and easy-to-digest infographics to better relate information.
    • Sharing of in-house produced videos to generate greater resonance and support for SCDF. (World Firefighter Day, SGFPC)
    • First to break news of high profile incidents.(Fire at No.6 Fan Yoong Road, One-storey building collapsed at 378, Alexandra Road)
    • Established an online SCDF Social Media Persona to differentiate from others. (Witty, Conversational)
    • Integration of Social Media with SCDF offline engagement to drive traffic for both. (SGFPC/CBD 2013,  SGFPC 2014)
    • Gradual building up of an international fan base including personnel from foreign fire services to improve SCDF international standings.
    • Use of Social Media as a communication tool to provide weekly updates to family members of the training and activities of NSTI recruits.
    • Use of Social Media to provide timely updates of SCDF events (eg. SGFPC updates for overseas audience).
    • Increase use of ground-up content contributed by units and SCDF personnel to improve ground support.


  1. Accolades
    • Mothership.sg
  • Published an article on 24 January 2014, titled "SCDF is awesome with social media. Here"s why .
    • Marketing Magazine
  • Published an article on 7 February 2014 titled "LOOK SG Civil Defence Force"s wicked sense of humour.
    • Challenge Magazine
  • Published an article in its May/June 2014 issue titled "Let"s Get Personal" highlighting SCDF"s successful use of humour on Social Media.
  • "The Singapore Civil Defence Force"s Facebook, Instagram and twitter posts are a masterful balance of usefulness and humour"
    • Mr Baey Yam Keng, MP for Tampines GRC
  • In his Facebook post on March 6, 2014 mentioned that "Singapore Civil Defence Force has shown that through consistent, authentic and even light-hearted engagement, it is possible to build a more personable relationship with the public without compromising one"s professionalism and dedication to good work. Learning from you keep it up"
    • The New Paper online
  • Published an article on June 12, 2014 titled " 12 Reasons why we love @SCDF"
    • Yahoo! News Singapore, Straits Times and Asiaone
  • Published articles on SCDF"s online banter with popular social media account SGAG
    • Channel News Asia
Hosted a segment on SINGAPORE CONNECT on 28 February 2014 discussing "Should government agencies adopt the same tone as SCDF on Social Media""
31 Oct 2014
  1. Content
    • Reduced Quantity of articles to replace with articles with Quality;
    • Conduct interviews with Third-Person Narrative instead of sole reliance on contribution by station personnel
    • Stories with focus on Interviewees instead of events (Human Stories " eg. Interviews with Sportsmen of SCDF, personnel involved in Riot at Little India);
    • Publish up-to-date information (eg. 1 week plus to write, vet, print and deliver Riot at Little India Edition);
    •  "Special" Themed Editions
      • 3 Themed Editions this FY " Riot Edition, Sports Edition and SG50 Tribute Edition.
    • Include stories relevant to general public (eg. Importance of timely intervention during cardiac arrest case, etc)
    • Introduced Center Page for Feature Story (Many requests to "book" the center page")
    • Introduced "cut-outs" and infographics; and
    • Introduced an Editor"s Note Page to make the magazine more personal


  1. Design and Layout
  • Revamped the "personality" and "visual identity" through clean and simple designs;
  • Take note of small details (Red border to the front cover, use of one simple picture on the front cover, "mini red rhino" at the end of each article , etc;)
  • Replaced the quantity of pictures with quality pictures with a focus to attract readers; and
  • Continuous improvements to layout (most recent changes include the design and layout of the content page) without altering its visual identity.


  1. Rescue 995 Breakthroughs
  • Local Media requested for permission to republish pictures and contents found in Rescue 995;
  • Bloggers extracted information from Rescue 995
  • SCDF Braveheart Landed Issue - TNP saw the article on "Escalator Training" and requested to do a story on it; and
  • Riot Edition - Zhao Bao requested to republish the story depicting an account by our paramedics and the picture used in the article.
  • Rescue 995 reached a larger audience via Social Media;
  • Who is Behind the SCDF Social Media Team" Issue " CNA and public retweeted download link via Twitter;
  • Followers (from around the world) of SCDF Facebook and Twitter accounts shares download link to their own accounts (can hit approximately 150 shares for each issue).
  • Curtain raiser and first Home Team Publication to publish a Tribute related story/issue to our Pioneers - which is one of the SG50 campaign goals (Tribute Edition);
  • Produced the thickest and content heavy (but meaningful) edition in the history of Rescue 995 (72 pages Tribute Edition);
  • Numerous requests for Rescue 995 Hardcopies (eg. SG50 Tribute Edition: +100 for SCDF Alumnus, +100 for SGFPC VIPs and Overseas participants, +100 "First in the World" Issue for SCDF Crisis Volunteers, etc)
  • Received compliments from internal staff, ex-staff and external readers since the revamp.


  1. (Unsolicited) Words of Encouragement

"The tribute edition published to commemorate the Pioneers of The Life Saving Force and to celebrate SG50 is interesting and well thought. It is definitely a great effort by your Editorial Team."

LTC Shaiful Herman


"The tribute edition is very interesting. The cover caught my attention at first glance. I read almost the whole magazine and I have not done this in a long time. Well Done!"

CPT Yam Yeow Kiat


"I would like to congratulate you for the new "look" for Rescue 995 and the     different interesting articles. I have enjoyed reading the last 6 issues."

Mr Ng Yong Hwee

President and CEO of Citygas Management


"Thank you very much for taking time and putting in so much effort to put together the Tribute Edition. I have had a very enjoyable time reading the accounts of each and every interviewee and I must say that the Editorial Team has done an amazing job. Keep on doing what you do and continue to put a public face to the officers that, as the SCDF tweets mention, are always hidden behind helmets and soot."

LTC (RET) Poon Siow Hai


Others can be found on Facebook

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