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Thursday, 30 April 2015
SCDF Operation Lionheart Contingent Deployment in Nepal

The SCDF Operation Lionheart Contingent has set-up its Base of Operations (BoO) at a location near the east of the airfield at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport (KTIA). The location is part of a larger BoO shared by several international rescue teams; including those from the UK, the Netherlands, France and Malaysia


Contingent Commander, LTC Alvin Tan is presently leading a 22-member team to conduct search and rescue operations at the Gorkha district. They are equipped with a host of rescue equipment such as cutting and lifting equipment, fibre-optic scopes, life detector systems and supported by 2 search dogs. The team will be working together with the Urban Search and Rescue Teams (USAR) from Belgium and Spain at the Gorkha district.


LTC Alvin Tan, Commander of Ops Lionheart Contingent discussing tactical plan with the international Urban Search and Rescue Teams.  Standing on the far right is LTC (ORNS) Mohamed Razaleigh Bin Mohamed Saem, Deputy Commander of the Contingent.

Contingent members leaving the Base of Operations for deployment to Gorkha.

SCDF preparing its DART Rescue Vehicle (DRV) for deployment.

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